Yan wengang’s teammate Yin Zheng is a “snowmobile driver” from Shanxi

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This article is transferred from: Taiyuan Broadcasting and TELEVISION Yin Zheng starting in the race.Yin Zheng, a native of Shanxi Province, finishes the men’s skeleton bobsled competition at the National Bobsled Center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 11.This is shanxi nationality athlete in the Winter Olympic Games to achieve the best result.Jincheng young man Yin zheng was born in 1996, he likes sports since childhood, basketball, football are “play” good.In his second year of high school, Yin zheng’s talent for sprinting was discovered by his school teacher and he began training with the school team.A year later, Yin zheng was admitted to Beijing Sport University for her sprinting skills.After the establishment of China Skeleton Bobsleigh national team, the first group of members came from “cross-boundary cross-sports”, most of whom were track and field athletes.It is against this background that Yin is “switching” from sprint events to steel-frame bobsled events.At that time, Yin was registered as an athlete in Hebei province because there were no snow and ice sports in Shanxi Province.From January 21 to 22 this year, China skeleton bobsled training team held the Olympic trials at the National Bobsled Center. Yin Zheng ranked first in the trials and qualified for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Beijing Winter Olympic Games men’s skeleton bobsled event, a total of 4 rounds of competition, four rounds of results added up to rank the final.Eun ranked seventh in the first two rounds of the competition on Sunday.Last night Yin zheng rallied in the last two rounds to finish fifth.In particular, in the fourth round of the race, Yin zheng only started in 4.58 seconds, setting a new track start record.”In this sport, as well as being fast at the beginning, you need your body weight to carry you along the track.If you’re heavy, you fall faster.”Yin Zheng, the record holder, said helplessly, “No matter how much I eat, I just can’t get up. I’m five or six kilograms lighter than others.”Due to busy training tasks, Yin Zheng has not been home for a long time.”If Yin Zheng can return home after the Winter Olympics, I will cook his favorite meal for him.”Yin Hongwei, the father, said.