Protection Reminder | All citizens: Build up protective barriers and continue to wear “invisible protective clothing”

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At present, it is the primary task of patriotic health to improve the public health environment, enhance citizens’ awareness and ability of protection, and build a solid prevention and control barrier for the whole society.Today (March 28), with “micro improve health environment, increased health behavior” as the theme of this city patriotic health 34 months series of activities, during the period of April, will be on spring health knowledge dissemination, vector control, improve health environment, and health behavior evaluation of “four measures”, carry out patriotic health campaign in spring,We will mobilize the general public and social organizations to protect health and clean the environment, and jointly build a social barrier for epidemic prevention and control.At present, patriotic public health is an important part of the mass prevention and control mechanism for COVID-19, as well as the most basic and grass-roots public health.This year, in order to further boost new epidemic prevention and control, improve the whole society’s awareness of prevention, control group control, and give full play to all levels in this municipality who love action, mobilize all levels of government, and citizens in all walks of life, from small to change habits, improve the environment, the details of popularize health knowledge, neat and urban and rural environment, actively advocate civilized health, green environmental protection way of life.In this year’s Patriotic Health month, four measures will be taken simultaneously.First, the dissemination of health knowledge.With the 32nd Shanghai Health Education Week as the carrier, the launching ceremony was live-streamed online, and the citizen health behavior monitoring report and the active index of outpatient health education were released. Experts were invited to interpret environmental cleaning and pest control in spring, the essentials of household disinfection and the guidelines of household hygiene behavior in spring.Second, we will promote vector control in spring.Through the unified action for the prevention and control of key vectors in spring and combined with the comprehensive improvement of environmental sanitation, the city carried out a 5-day centralized elimination of mosquitoes in early spring to eliminate the first-generation adult flies and young mosquitoes and reduce the number of summer mosquitoes.At the same time, comprehensive environmental management has been actively implemented, including removing stagnant water, dredging ditches, reducing scattered garbage, and further controlling the breeding environment of vector organisms.At the same time, focus on improving the health environment.AiWeiBan during April, city, city new crown epidemic prevention and control group of leading group office environment regulation of furthering sustained urban and rural environmental sanitation clean activity, continue to advocate for health compulsory labor system on Thursday, led the citizens from clean home, maintenance of public environment intravenous drip minor matter, starts to get rid of the family, the unit inside and outside environment health dead Angle.Key places such as urban and rural areas, river channels, residential pavements, residential corridors, street shops, public green Spaces, public health facilities and trade markets will be renovated to further consolidate the public health foundation for epidemic prevention and control.In addition, conduct health behaviour assessments.Focus spitting, littering, smoking cigarettes, abandon shit and protective measures of epidemic situation to carry out the health behavior such as hot topic, organization to carry out the “bad problems you find, regulation measures”, to form the whole society jointly maintain health environment propaganda of public opinion atmosphere, let every citizens continue to wear invisible protective clothing.The municipal Health care Office issued an initiative to the general public to practice the concept of “everyone is the first person responsible for their own health”, actively participate in the patriotic health movement, develop a civilized, healthy, green and environmentally friendly lifestyle, and build a “big defense line” for epidemic prevention and control with “small details” of health care.Keep in mind the “three pieces of epidemic prevention”, adhere to the “five needs of protection”, take practical actions to observe healthy behaviors, jointly build a healthy city, and jointly promote the healthy Shanghai action!Youth Daily · Youth Shanghai reporter Gu Jinhua editor: Lu Tianyi