| Li Dianren poetry “hundred will culture” is the games are two celebrating spring, Lantern Festival lanterns on another

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# Headline General Culture # # Redstar online ## Professor opening # original poem • Li Dianren, Lieutenant General of the Year of the Tiger Lantern Festival Li Dianren (Beijing) Spring is two winter Olympics celebration, yuan Night Lantern Festival is different.Thousands of years of charm add color, poetry and poetry sing shengping.High construction party save riddle, force Wei qiangmin jun Ying.Weather extraordinary dragon fengwu, universe such as day bright.Li Dianren, deputy political Commissar of National Defense University in July 2001, former vice president of Chinese History Society of the People’s Republic of China.Promotion in rank in 2002, professor, editor in chief of “cross-century melody”, “the article figure and said that the Chinese people’s liberation army (PLA) great focus,” the wind gallop the tiger a jiangshan “, “the general theory of sun tzu,” a work of military thinking, “mozi and military”, “the Lord of the town — a grandson”, “paper shuo true feelings”, the practice and thinking, “sun zi strategies data processing”.    # # # #, secretary general of the reading  product culture  @   @ the military network will Chinese art editing | cultural and artistic center in the hundred will be xin hong  plaques is a kind of unique folk culture of tradition of the Chinese nation.It is a hanging in the halls, pavilions, doors, gardens, hotels, hotels, shops and other units of a brand.The plaque is an indispensable part of all kinds of buildings. Its significance is equivalent to the eye of the building, and it is to inform the name and purpose of the building, as well as a business card for publicity.The calligrapher Wang Xizhi was China’s most famous and accomplished calligrapher and general.Meng Tian, a general who supervised the construction of the Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty, initiated the writing brush used today.100 will center can invite both literary and military general calligrapher and celebrity calligrapher inscription inscription inscription inscription plaque and pen exhibition.Invite military professors and celebrities to speak .