February 15, 2022 market preview

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Another Valentine’s Day robbery?Will the Lantern Festival still have this disaster?On the one hand, we need to see whether the periphery is getting warmer. The characteristics of big A should know that the peripheral decline of one or two days can be resisted, but the continuous decline will follow.Although the index fell more today, but in fact the mood is not as bad as expected, some of the high index still tried to lead.Market aspect: index aspect kill or relatively fierce, interval concussion thinking is given priority to, tomorrow low open may be a good add warehouse node, under the condition of current shrinkage market, must choose the leading, is not in the field ETF is also feasible.Plate: digital economy: Cuiwei is an unavoidable obstacle, so Tuesday is very important, do not say must limit, but at least can not fall, cuiwei not if the digital currency temporarily do not intervene.Infrastructure: this should normally go is the trend of the plate, but the strongest should be zhejiang Construction investment, if you can afford the plate effect, or it will be very good.The recovery line of the epidemic: aviation, airport, tourism and hotel. As you can see, funds actually prefer these sectors recently. The reason lies in the low valuation, the certainty brought by the low price and the anticipation brought by the approval of Pfizer and the improvement of the epidemic.Tomorrow is basically measured around three plates.