The C11 can do more than just look good

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Under the background of the rapid development of new forces of car making, many car enterprises have seized the opportunity and embarked on the road of mass production. Among them, zero-run car can be called a dark horse in my opinion. Why do you say so?Look at zero run the latest zero run C11 (parameters) | | inquiry you will clear.There are indeed many highlights of the zero-run C11, and I will mainly analyze them from the following three aspects: internal and external design, intelligent performance and power system:The interior and exterior design can best reflect the design superiority of the Zero-run C11 in terms of the frameless door on the exterior and the triple screen in the interior. Frameless door is usually used in super sports cars or coupes, so over time, it represents the users’ pursuit of freedom and luxury quality.Throughout the entire SUV market, only a few high-end products such as Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX adopt frameless door design.The appearance of zero-run C11 breaks this situation.Of course, the ZERO-run C11 does not sacrifice comfort for the sake of beauty. Thanks to double laminated glass, the overall calm is very good, even at 100km/h, the communication in the car will not be too much interference.Zero-run C11 is equipped with three fast screens: 10.25-inch LCD instrument, 12.8-inch central control screen and 10.25-inch copilot entertainment screen. Each screen supports interconnection and two-tone voice interaction. Passengers in the car can transfer navigation, video and audio information to other screens by flying screen operation.In addition, when the main driver uses Bluetooth voice or makes phone calls and other related functions, the passenger of the co-pilot can also connect the bluetooth of the co-pilot separately to enjoy various entertainment activities.In addition, unlike most current vehicles which only support one music account, C11 supports double ID and double tone area. The main and deputy drivers can listen to their favorite music at any time, and both can enjoy personalized content push after AI learning. The common operation of the two does not affect each other, which is very convenient and interesting.Intelligence is manifested in intelligent hardware. The core of Zero-run C11 is equipped with two self-developed Lingxin 01 intelligent driving chips. Its core processor is domestic CPU, namely “Xuantie C860”, a subsidiary of Ali, and Zero-run has completely independent intellectual property rights to Lingxin 01.The calculation power exceeds the MobileyeQ4 chip carried by many parties in the market, reaching 8.4Tops, which can access automatic parking, ADAS domain control and intelligent driving assistance functions of nearly L3 level. C11 opens up the whole intelligent driving assistance system from the chip level, and adopts the whole intelligent driving assistance solution with completely independent intellectual property rights.Users can enjoy rapid iteration through OTAs.In terms of other intelligent hardware, the whole zero-run C11 system is also equipped with 28 sensing hardware, including 1 binocular camera, 1 forward millimeter wave radar, 4 angular millimeter wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar, 4 circumnavigation cameras, 4 blind zone cameras and 1 personal face recognition camera.The C11 is delivered in two rear-drive versions, which are medium and low versions.The maximum power of the motor is 200kW, the peak torque is 360N·m, and the acceleration time of 0-100km/h is 7.9 seconds.At the same time, zero-run C11 provides a 90 degree large capacity battery to choose from. The 90 degree large battery also directly draws the zero-run C11’s endurance strength to full (up to 610 km long endurance), charging for 10 minutes can increase the endurance of 100 km, 30%~80% of the battery charge only 36 minutes……In other words, zero running C11 can really achieve “charging for half an hour, traffic for half a month”.In addition, the strong endurance of zero-run C11 was also verified in the cruise running dry race held by 15 popular models of brands recently. In this race led by Mercedes EQC, Tesla Model Y, NIO ES6, BMW iX3 and other famous models, the actual endurance of ZERO-run C11 with a range of 610 kilometers reached 576 kilometers.The endurance ratio exceeds 94.4%, ranking first among many SUV models.Summary through the analysis of the above three aspects, it is not difficult to see that the zero-run C11 vehicle has the strength of the jump, the price of less than 200,000 yuan can have the performance of 300,000 to 500,000 yuan luxury car can have!Far beyond the expectations of the majority of consumers, no wonder there are many would-be car owners commenting on the Internet: zero-run C11 is the strongest pure electric SUV of 200,000 class!This article is provided by the author of Easy car number, easy car number only provides information release platform.This article only represents the author’s opinion, does not represent the position of Yche, if involved in infringement, please contact us in time.Report the current article like favorites