Why do Russia, USA, Europe not exclude India?

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Speaking of India, many people say that it is a strange country, why say so, not only there are open toilets everywhere, but also they eat with their hands, and it is frightening to have external train hangings, as well as the high rape rate and crazy stealing of electricity, which makes many people think it is a strange country.Besides that, it has been 56 years since the former PM and Nehru declared that India would become a first class power with a lot of noise, and India is still not there yet.India 2019-2020, GDP: $2.9 trillionPer capita income is $2,104.1. Judging by this figure, India has a long way to go before it can truly become a world power like us and UK.Some people always have some bias for India, but you can alleged bias aside, the country and Europe and the United States, Russia is pretty good, these countries because India’s big and have not given up to communicate with them, and instead they chat ten separate, this exactly what we first said Russia, the Russian like India,The main reason is that it is not easy for India to spend money to start a business in Russia. After all, they inherited a fragmented Soviet political legacy, during which the Soviet Union no longer looked like its big brother and various industries were on the verge of collapse, which made it difficult to start a business.To solve domestic problems, Russia needs large sums of money to develop the economy, then they thought of their weapons and energy, oil, natural gas and other energy is each country much-needed energy, Russia just reserves is the world’s first in this respect, so they will energy exports in funds, the move to meet a lot of countries,So Europe and the United States until now also dare not brazenly and Russia, after all, the family has mines.In addition to the minerals, Russian arms really good, so some military industrial weak after the country is very like Russian weapons, India is one of the country, they find Russia buy weapons armed forces for a long time, so the Indian army just to Russia, all Russian Arsenal are very happy, after all, has made a big business, who didn’t.As can be seen from the above, India is Russia’s most important partner and it is natural for Russia to have good relations with India so as to ensure a large amount of revenue in its pockets.So why the United States and India contacts, mainly market, geographical location, do not look at the United States is very young, but few countries can play it, so they dare to target our country in some things, as India is rarely targeted by the United States, why this situation, there are three main reasons.First, India is the talent pool of the United States. If it has a good relationship with India, it will attract a large number of Indian software talents to work in the United States. In this way, the United States will have a large number of high-tech talents, which is absolutely beneficial to the national development.So, India and THE US must fully cooperate. After all, both countries want something. The US wants Indian scientific and technological talents, and India wants US military products and economic support.Second, India is the world’s second most populous country with a market of 1.3 billion people, which is absolutely impossible for anyone to ignore.After all, there is a fact in economic development that if there is enough population, there is enough purchasing power. Since India has so many people, its purchasing power is absolutely no problem, so the United States can have a good relationship with India, so that more American goods can be sold in India.The profits from sales will naturally feed the US economy and put more people to work. For this reason, THE US must have good relations with India.Third, India is surrounded by the sea on two sides, and is backed by the Himalayan peak, the world’s largest mountain. That is to say, there is no other country in India except China. Therefore, as long as India does not take the initiative to cause trouble, its neighbors will not bother it.In addition to geographical advantages, India is located at the junction of Europe and Asia, which can control the trade line between Europe and Asia. The trade line is equivalent to money, so it is impossible for the United States to have a high relationship with India for its interests.As we can see from the above, the most important thing for the United States and India to maintain good relations is interest.So what is the reason why India is doing better than Europe and the US?First, Britain, as the former big brother in the world, has a decisive influence among the Western powers.India as Britain’s former colony, the land there is too much of Britain’s mark, for this reason, let the relationship between India and Europe and the United States is very good, after all, it’s a long time between minions, so even if he had the eldest brother not mixed up with himself, will still keep good relationship with you.Second, India is still a member of the Commonwealth, more than 70 years after independence. The existence of this status shows that India and Britain have good relations.With good relations, no conflict, a market of 1.3 billion people and trade routes so important, there is no reason for European countries to have bad relations with India, after all there are too many benefits to be gained from good relations with India.Third, Europe does not exclude India, another important reason is that the big brother America is now polite to this country, which makes those European countries know that it is absolutely right to follow their big brother, after all, big brother will not take their little brother crooked.As can be seen from the above, Europe has good relations with India, on the one hand, because of the face of Britain and the United States, and also because of India’s market and geographical location, they have to keep good relations with India.To sum up, India is favored by Russia, Europe and the United States mainly because it can maximize its own national interests by maintaining a good relationship with India. Therefore, each country maintains a good relationship with India based on its interests.Therefore, I think the communication between countries is the same as friends. He will try his best to please you when he has the interests he wants, and then he will get the interests from you and finally meet his own needs.What do you think about that?