The car market was the first to warm up in March geometric car delivery broke 10,000, a strong 448% year-on-year increase in the first quarter

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In the post-epidemic era, due to chip shortage and procurement difficulties, most auto companies have encountered difficulties such as having no cars to sell or failing to deliver cars on time. China’s auto market has faced a rare “reverse cold”.However, according to the data released by Geely Auto, its middle and high-end pure electric brand Geometric automobile took the lead in picking up, with 10,152 terminal deliveries in March and 26,031 total sales in the first quarter, up 448% year on year!Geometry cars continue to accelerate to take the lead in 2022 start geely automobile in the performance of the new energy market has held up, its geometry cars in the face of the chip shortage and purchasing various times of the problem, with the steady supply of products and quality services, with “buck the trend To take those routes “momentum, the market environment of the opportunities and challenges are intertwined,It shows the strategic determination of a strong new energy enterprise.March data show that, in addition to geometric automobile, there are a number of new forces to deliver broken ten thousand, “warming up” momentum is strong.However, NiO was greatly affected and failed to achieve the result of “breaking 10,000”. Some brands also suffered a decline in sales due to various factors.But the main theme of the market is still biased to growth, geometry is one of the best.Relying on the powerful resource adjustment ability of the Group, Geometric Automobile has always stood at the forefront of the market in recent years, and continues to strengthen the competitiveness of the brand system by grasping the changes of the demand side.At the time of car market warming, Geometric automobile took the lead in “taking advantage of the east wind, sailing ship”, facing the spring breeze of new energy car market recovery, took the lead in showing the momentum of “spring breeze breaking cold dare to first”, not only boosted confidence for the cold market, but also accelerated the implementation of Geely’s new energy transformation strategy.At the moment of the transformation of new energy market, users attach more importance to product force and demand is more demanding.Geometric automobile in the winter of the car market to continue to obtain user recognition, the key lies in its products really endurance, really healthy, really safe product force.It is reported that Geometric car has won nine consecutive times in the endurance challenge held by professional media, winning the real power to win the real recognition of users.At the same time, Geometric automobile is also a brand that attaches special importance to in-car respiratory health, which is particularly important in the current situation of frequent epidemic.Geometry A Pro, geometric C application of the six heavy protection from inside to outside air into the car in turn after efficient ventilation, PM2.5 monitoring layer, N95 filtering layer, sterilization, antibacterial and 0 volatile environmental protection material, electromagnetic shielding layer, through the layers of filtering and protection, the formaldehyde in cockpit numerical performance at the first (only for gb number 1/8),Create healthy pure electric travel experience for users.Upcoming geometric E youth pure electric car high-quality goods, will not only to further improve the product matrix of geometry cars, and geometric series of fruit of A Pro, geometric C d models together with the mainstream of new energy market, but also through the “color” natural color design inspiration, science and technology, human nature, and the car configuration and the use of healthy and comfortable materials,For more users to create a colorful, fashionable, dynamic travel new ecology, open a unique colorful life.Create geometric exclusive circle of friends for users to create a better pure electric life in addition to products, geometric automobile is also constantly trying to car life, to provide users with sincere service, sincere company, real fun life.In addition to providing users with more considerate with a fine service, geometry cars also rely on the official APP, together with the users establish a warm and sincere online position, and through the rich online activities, enhance the user’s brand XiangWangGan, with users to share, create, let users really involved in the product iteration, future product research and development projects, such as let users become the owner of the brand.For Geometry automobile, to provide users with not only a car, but also a beautiful pure electric travel life.In the era of experience economy, every product and service created by Geometric Automobile for users will win users’ love and trust for products and brands, and will infinitely narrow the distance between brands and users.Geometry automobile will certainly rely on a steady stream of driving force, harvest better sales results!