Paralyzed in bed, my mother-in-law said to me, “If you ignore me, you are a teacher, don’t you lose face?”

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They say there is no filial son before a long hospital bed.I don’t know how painful it is to serve a paralyzed patient in bed.Therefore, I often hear people say, do not experience the suffering of others, do not advise people.In the morning, netizen Arjun called and said: “Yesterday, my mother-in-law finally passed away, 15 years, I finally relieved, no longer need to serve this old woman.”In 2004, my son was just nine years old. One day, my mother-in-law stewed pig’s feet in a pressure cooker to entertain guests. Due to improper operation, the pressure cooker exploded on the spot.Fortunately, my son played 120 at home and spent 500,000 yuan. His life was snatched back, but he hurt his brain nerves and became a mentally deranged person, sometimes awake and sometimes confused.You can’t tell it’s a patient when you’re awake.Shouting and raving when confused, or suddenly running out at eleven or twelve o ‘clock at night.Every time we run out, we have to mobilize our relatives and friends to help look for her.At home, urine and feces are either in the living room, on newly changed sheets, or in clean clothes and pants.She couldn’t understand us, and she yelled at us.I put the diaper on, and within a minute, she tore it and threw it everywhere.Every time I came back from class, there was a smell of excrement, urine and fart in my house, and there were diapers and toilet paper covered with excrement and urine everywhere.At first, I felt so sick that I couldn’t eat for several days when I was taking care of my mother-in-law’s urine and feces.Because I didn’t take care of my parents like that.But in the eyes of my husband and father-in-law, it is the duty of a daughter-in-law for me to take care of her urine, wash her dirty clothes and clean her body, there is nothing abnormal.Especially the husband.In addition to going to work, is to go to a friend’s house to drink cards, often night out or drink drunk before going home to sleep.During the day, I would stand at the end of a day’s classes, buy vegetables and cook, change my mother-in-law’s clothes, clean the house, and help my son with his lessons. I was often exhausted at the end of the day.She would often shout in the middle of the night as soon as she became ill.But when awake, call her husband to accompany him to talk, call her husband to help him go to the toilet.As my husband came back in the middle of the night, I got up to take care of her once I heard her mother-in-law Shouting, in order not to affect the rest of the neighbors around.After helping her to go to the toilet, she would talk with her, often sitting for two or three hours.Another night passed.Don’t even think about getting a good night’s sleep.However, this has not been recognized by her husband and in-laws, the husband thinks it should be, the mother-in-law thinks I have a plan.My relatives took me for granted as their daughter-in-law.When she was sober, she often scolded me with very harsh words (she was so upset that I couldn’t have a son after getting married and taking two years to have a baby) or even that I was so nice to her to save her vacant house.As I put all my energy on my mother-in-law, my son’s management education was not in place, and his grades were very poor and rebellious.Also, while everyone else has moved into a new house, our family has been stuck in a 60 square meter house.After seven years of living like this, I feel like I’m breaking down…When planning to give up this section of marriage, father-in-law died because of stomach cancer.On the day her father-in-law died, her mother-in-law fell out of bed and suffered a comminute fracture, leaving her completely paralyzed and unable to move.In order to take better care of my mother-in-law, I asked my husband to hire a nanny. I would pay for the nanny and he would pay for the food and other expenses of the family.However, in order to save money, my husband asked me to take care of my mother-in-law during holidays and a babysitter during school days.However, because her husband is irresponsible, they eat in the canteen, so do not want to buy vegetables home.I had to pay for food and babysitting, and it was a miserable life.In order to get rid of this kind of life and let the children have a quiet environment, I have the idea of planning to buy a new house.Therefore, in order to prevent me from getting her house, when sober, she transferred her house to her granddaughter, also is the daughter of the child’s uncle.(because his uncle had died a few years ago and his mother had remarried) and he said to me, “I gave the house to Lill, so you can’t have it, even though you have a son, but I won’t give it to you.””My house wants to give who give who, you have no right to interfere, although the house I did not give you, but because lill’s father has been gone, you and the old three (husband) must be responsible for my pension problem, otherwise, spread, you see you this when the teacher put face where?”Seeing my mother-in-law looking so proud, I felt I had to buy a house and move out.So, after borrowing in the east and west, I finally gathered enough money for the down payment of a new house to buy a house, simple decoration and children moved in.Usually, I just come to her home every day after class, then go home to do their own things, in addition to weekends and holidays to her husband’s home to assist the nanny to take care of her, the rest of the time to live a good life with my son.Because the mother-in-law did not feel, after paralysis, but eat more, naturally pull more.Over time, the nanny came up with an idea, and the salary went up and up. Finally, almost all my salary went to the nanny.In this way, the living expenses of the home I have to stretch out my hand with my husband, but he is not willing to give every time, but also plausibly: “I do not eat at home, with what want me to take money to support you two?”My husband often doesn’t want to buy my mother-in-law’s food, so the babysitter had to call me.It is often only after losing his temper that the husband reluctantly spends some money to buy vegetables and rice.”I regret that I trusted no one.So I consulted with my children and asked my husband for a divorce.Only then did my husband agree to take care of his mother, including the nanny’s salary and food expenses, and my money is responsible for the expenses of my children and me, the mortgage and the debt from the down payment.In this way, in winter and summer holidays, I became a free nanny to serve her mother-in-law, in addition to every day to turn over her, massage, pick up excrement pick up urine, scrub, there are three meals a day to feed her, son is free to help turn over, scrub his grandmother.Therefore, in those years, winter and summer vacations were the hardest and most fearful time for me.One day, I asked my son, “Your grandmother gave her house to her sister, and now we are taking care of her when she is sick. Do you have balance in your heart?”The son said, “We have no right to interfere with the division of her property and my grandfather’s.I just for you injustice, my grandma good time scold you every day, my father also did not give you a cent, and to my milk did not tube what, besides go to work be to drink with him that group friend, play cards.It was his responsibility to take care of my grandmother, and he put it all on you, and he never cared about my grandparents getting sick…””Actually, my aunt doesn’t go to work and has nothing to do. She seldom comes to see my grandma. She only sends her grandma away with a few steamed buns every week.”My sister li used to come here when she didn’t have her house. After she got her house, she didn’t see anyone…”My son did not study well, but unexpectedly, he saw everything I did and my hard work.Hearing what my son said, I gradually put the divorce out of my mind.Perhaps, this is my fate?Five years passed, and gradually, I no longer tangled with my husband and mother-in-law’s attitude to me.On Teachers’ Day 2018, my mother-in-law died of organ failure after 15 years of illness and eight years of paralysis.As I dressed her and put her in the casket I felt a sense of relief that I was finally relieved and so was she.From now on, we owe each other nothing.People say I am not filial, mother-in-law left, I do not even drop a tear, I do not want to explain what, I serve her first is to set an example for my son, the other is for peace of mind.I was not raised to look the other way.However, how to face such a husband and mother-in-law, I would rather be scolded than serve.Netizens, if you met such a husband and mother-in-law, what would you do?My mother-in-law left, and I didn’t cry. 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