Official marriage!CP real?

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What good day is the tenth of the first month?Many artists chose to get married in yesterday’s official announcement!Hyun Bin and Sohn Ye-jin are hot.Yesterday, the two posted their wedding news on social media, filled with happiness and sweetness.”Yes, I have decided to get married and step carefully into the second chapter of my life,” Hyun said in a handwritten letter.I made a pact with her, who always makes me laugh, that we would go on together.”Scatter dog food, Xuan Bin also mentioned two people had cooperated “love crash landing”, said the political and li to take a step in life together, I hope you give gentle and happy to aid.Sun Yizhen also said that with Xuan Bin together is very warm, can let her feel very practical.She also had not thought oneself can enter marriage with a person originally, but she followed xuan Bin to go to this step naturally namely, everything is fate.She added a photo of a small wedding dress to the caption, suggesting that she, too, will soon be wearing white.From working together on The Negotiation in 2017, to smiling whenever I see you, I have been photographed privately more than once.And working together again in 2019.There’s nothing better than the fact that you’ve made your CP real.Hyun bin is also Son ye-jin’s first love, and according to the latest Reports in South Korean media, their wedding will be held in March.CP from the drama developed into a real couple, in addition to blessing really can’t think of a better word.Then there are Zhang Meng and Jin En-sheng.The couple made a jubilant official announcement of their marriage yesterday, Posting photos and statements.However, given both men’s history, many netizens are not ready to give their blessing to the official announcement.Zhang Meng side of the uproar is plastic surgery, and the family of actress Liu Yuxin.Even with the little five part, seems to be in.Zhang Meng and Jin Eun-sheng met when they co-starred in the TV series “The Three Bad Guys of The Godfather of Love” in 2015. They got together in 19 years.However, around the time of their relationship, a netizen named Jiang Mumu mocked Jin’s infidelity, saying that During their relationship, Jin Ensheng and Zhang Meng were together.In this regard, Xiao Wu and Zhang Meng also sent a lawyer’s letter to clarify. Xiao Wu also claimed that he was with Zhang Meng after breaking up with her. With the response of the parties concerned, the influence of the storm gradually disappeared.But not only Jiang Mumu, Jin Ensheng was also exposed and Wu Yu Xuan had a marriage, from wu Yu Xuan studio micro-blog, they seem to have a child.However, after talking to Zhang, Kim only admitted that he had a relationship with Wu.He also said that they had separated peacefully and openly expressed zhang Meng’s opinion, “I want to accompany you for a walk in sunny days and hold an umbrella for you in rainy days.”Such two people, to tell the truth should be locked up!The other three are less hot.First, Park Ji-yeon, a member of T-ARA.When it comes to Park Ji-yeon, it is the tears of The Times.She made her debut as a member of T-ARA and quickly became one of the best girl groups in Korea with her outstanding appearance and strength.Her 28-year-old sister announced her marriage to baseball player Hwang Jae-kyun in a handwritten letter posted on social media yesterday.According to the handwritten letter, Park ji-yeon met her boyfriend through an acquaintance last year. He took good care of Park and made her happy, so she decided to get married in the coming winter.The news is very sudden, but the sister found a trustworthy boyfriend, I hope she can continue to be so happy.Then there are the debater King and Lv Pengxing.This pair is a classic case of “strong woman and weak man”.King won the national championship in Taiwan’s “Kang Xi Lai lai” successor contest in 2009, and then started his comedy life.In 2016, he took part in the recording of The third season of “You Can Talk” and became famous as “Xiao Xiao’s former roommate”. After that, he got well mixed in the bizarre circle.Her husband is an actor born in 1995. He is quite handsome.”, previously in Guild Wars, belongs to the unknown little Transparent.King Wang proposed to Lu Pengxing in January last year and was successfully proposed by her boyfriend in October.Now to see two people into fruition, a circle of friends have come to send blessings.Finally, there are Tokyo Olympic weightlifting champion Chen Lijun and longtime girlfriend Yuan Mei.They got married in Changsha yesterday.”I’ve lifted 339kg barbells, but the heaviest thing I’ve ever lifted is this diamond ring,” Chen said.Because it represents my lifelong commitment to only love you.I will protect your happiness for a lifetime.”In “Day Day Up” public confession.Kneel down and propose.Now I have finally entered the hall of marriage. I wish both newlyweds a happy life, and I also wish them happiness all the time.Five new couples have been officially announced just after Spring Festival 2022.This year is sure to be a happy and sweet year, I hope everyone in front of the screen can be sweet all year ~