Game over!The three girls in the Chinese team are very satisfied with their results!

2022-05-27 0 By

February 7, Beijing time, the third day of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Speed skating events will be held today in the women’s 1500 m project to produce a third gold medal, in the women’s 3000 m at the end of the previous game, players in China, – o o tak, han mei has failed to enter the top 10, and today they will hand in hand to his teammates monica again, in the remote speed skating is not the Chinese delegation of traditional advantage project,But we still expect the three Chinese women to achieve satisfactory results.Women’s 1500 meters to take the form of the practice of group competition, our provincial players Huang Yuting the first set, she, in the domestic training has accepted the national team athletes lend international sportswear, the results met by domestic users of network violence, patriotism for her thumb up, 00 Huang Yuting final grades for 2 minutes and seconds 78, her – o o tak in the sixth group,Racing alongside Canada’s Madison, Adak took the lead from the start, then slowed down after switching to the inside track and raced ahead of his rival to finish in 1:58.60.Veteran Yin Qi was in group 9, along with a Dutchman who gradually pulled away from Yin through several corners. Yin qi had a big drop but finished well, clocking a time of 1:57.00.Yan Mei followed up in the 10th group, with Japan’s Taagi Nagata group, Han Mei in the first half of the performance is good, the second half through the turn to narrow the distance with the Japanese runner, the final time of 1:55.34.In the end, the Dutch athlete Erin Worcester, who broke the Olympic record, won the gold medal, the Japanese great Mifan Takagi won the silver medal, and another Dutch player took the bronze medal. In terms of The Chinese players, Han Mei ranked the most in the front row in the 11th place, the veteran Yin Qi 15th, Ahenar Adak 17th.Judging from the expressions of the three Chinese athletes after finishing the competition, they are very satisfied with their results, so expect them to achieve better results in the short distance events they are better at!