Coach of Vietnam team: haven’t seen the weakness of Chinese football, national football team’s tactics and techniques are very good

2022-05-27 0 By

The competition on the first day of the Lunar New Year is a pressure for The National football team, as well as Vietnam.As the only team to have lost all seven matches in the round of 12 so far, Vietnam will naturally want to beat China on this special day.”Vietnam will play against China on the first day of the Chinese New Year, and everyone is looking forward to the match.People expect us to win tomorrow, I understand that, and our whole team will try our best to bring joy to the Vietnamese fans, even though it is very difficult.”South Korea’s coach Park Hang-seo.”Vietnam have lost seven games and disappointed the fans by losing 4-0 to Australia. I am very sorry as the coach.”The South Korean also apologized at the conference for losing the previous seven games.”This is our first time playing in the round of 12 and we are playing against top Asian teams, so Vietnam has not scored yet.The players are psychologically unstable and we are really suffering.”Of course, this is also the first time Vietnam has qualified for the final 12 — Vietnamese football has improved over the years.”I don’t think there is a golden generation in Vietnamese football,” Park said.There are many factors contributing to today’s success, from the policies of the VFA and the efforts of the players to the contributions of the clubs.””If you think it’s the golden generation, the next generation is the diamond generation or something.I think we need to correctly view this generation of players, so that Vietnam football is on track, “talking about the game rival China, park hang-seo was given the very high evaluation,” I think in Asia, China both tactics and technology have good level, the club also has a top teams.””The Chinese players are very strong physically, the pace of the two sides is very fast and their organization is very good.”There are more than a billion people in China, and they have a rich selection of talents.There is also huge investment in Chinese football.””As for weaknesses, I haven’t been able to see their weaknesses.”Do not know, this is not the Vietnamese coach’s irony and weak smoke screen?Source: