A 19-year-old girl from Langfang has spent millions of dollars fighting cancer in seven years

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Previous words: birth, old age, illness and death, is something everyone has to experience, but in the face of cancer, many people are powerless, especially for ordinary people, it is really a fatal blow.But li Mingxin, a 19-year-old girl, was not reconciled. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma at the age of 12 and bravely fought against the disease for seven years.In order to cure her, her mother divorced her stepfather and sold all the house in the family, costing the family nearly two million yuan in seven years.All her relatives urged her and her daughter to give up due to the high cost, but Lee answered, Why should I die?Do I want to be sick?”Indeed, why did she deserve to die?In order to live, mother and she did not say to give up!What did Lee and her mother go through?What is their attitude towards life in the face of disease?Li Mingxin was born in Langfang, Hebei province. Her father abandoned the family when she was very young. In her mind, her mother acted as both mother and father, carefully taking care of everything for her.When she was in elementary school, she met her stepfather and was taken to a reorganized family.Lee myung-hyeong had a happy childhood because her stepfather loved her as much as her mother, even though she was not her father.One day in 2012, Li mingxin was having a normal class at school when she suddenly felt a pain in her calf.At first, she did not pay attention, thinking that it was accidentally hit where, but the more back, the leg more and more pain, there is a feeling of swelling.She pulled up her pants. Her leg was so swollen that she sensed something was wrong and went home.At that time, lee s mother was still working and her stepfather was the only one at home.When lee got home, he showed his stepfather what his legs looked like. His stepfather was also surprised and called his wife to come back. The three of them went to the hospital together.The doctor told them that the child had osteosarcoma, and it was very serious.Osteosarcoma is literally bone cancer, a disease that has few symptoms at the beginning and most of its victims are young people, so Ms. Lee didn’t pay much attention to her leg pain.Osteosarcoma is highly aggressive, and Dr. Lee’s results so far suggest a five-year life expectancy.Li’s mother was so shocked that she asked God why he had treated her daughter so badly.She collapsed in the hospital hallway and kept her eyes fixed on the operating room door.On the other hand, li Mingxin, who came out of the emergency room, did not know what the disease was, and she had no idea that the disease would bring such great difficulties to herself and her mother.With a face full of doubt, she did not ask anyone, for she had been prepared for their distress.After learning the word “osteosarcoma,” Lee read a lot of information on the Internet. Eventually, she was able to read even specialized cases.Unlike other patients, the more she knew, the more confident she felt about herself.However, lee failed to overcome the disease. Four rounds of chemotherapy left her completely demoralized and she lost her right leg.Maybe a lot of people say, well, isn’t osteosarcoma in your legs?Right leg is cut off, isn’t that good?Of course not.The cancer had already spread to other parts of her body, and she would wake up in the middle of the night with pain even if cutting off her leg did not help.In addition to the pain that cannot be relieved, Lee and her family have to pay a huge amount of money for treatment.For the sake of her daughter, the mother sold all the valuable things in the house, and finally transferred the house to an intermediary at a low price.A sudden serious illness, disrupted the normal life of all the people in the family.The mother and the stepfather often quarreled, arguing about money. Finally, the mother chose to divorce, quit her job, and devoted herself to taking care of her daughter.No mother in the world would give up her child, even if she was seriously ill.But the cost of bone cancer treatment is like a bottomless pit, the average family simply cannot afford, the mother sold the house money can only afford one stage of treatment.The money was spent, but the effect was minimal, and Li Mingxin had to go home for conservative treatment.Step into the home, the cold house let her some at a loss what to do, the stepfather walked, mother suddenly also a lot of aging.Li Mingxin has mixed feelings, but she refuses to accept fate at the age of 13. She firmly believes that she will beat the disease, just like the deaf Beethoven, who does not bow to fate.To get better, she listened to her doctor, did some difficult rehabilitation exercises every day, and occasionally read books about bone cancer.Unfortunately, lee’s disease was at an advanced stage, and there was no chance of a cure. Rehabilitation training and chemotherapy were nothing more than relief from the pain caused by cancer.As a teenager, Lee Myung-hyeong did not dress up like a normal young girl.Because of the disease, she not only lost her right leg, but also became a bald baby.In order to relieve her mother’s burden, Li took the initiative to use crutches to strengthen her upper limbs. No matter how many difficulties she faced, she tried her best to overcome them in order to save her mother’s attention.After two years of exercise and chemotherapy, Li finished her training and returned to the campus. The purpose of all this was to change her life and comfort her mother with her excellent grades.Facts prove that Li mingxin did it. She studied in class and reviewed after class. She won many awards from the school and ranked 30th in the county in the 2016 high school entrance examination.When she entered senior high school, she worked hard and actively. Her math score was over 140 in every exam, and her total score was also among the top in the class.For example, she has won good rankings in important competitions at the county level and at the provincial level. She is a well-known inspirational student in school.In her senior year of high school, she worked hard day after day to become a member of Peking University, but god still could not see the past, once again blocked her pace of progress.At that time, everyone looked to Lee Myung-hyeong as a learning object. She was strong and optimistic, but no one expected her illness to come back to her.On June 11, 2018, Lee fell into a coma again and was admitted to the intensive care unit on the same day.After examination, the doctor told the mother that the child’s disease had reached its final stage and the cancer cells had also metastasized into the lungs.The doctor’s words were like a bolt from the blue. Lee, who was preparing to go to college, did not know why. Her illness became more and more serious, and the doctor had to use a larger dose of medicine to control her condition.As a result, Lee myung-hyeong s face swelled and her whole body did not feel like a girl.Who would have thought she was just a 19-year-old inspirational girl who wanted to go to school and change her life, and she had so much unfinished business.On January 14, 2019, Li broke a medical miracle and persisted for seven years, which, of course, dragged her mother deep into debt.Li mingxin knows all too well that she thought about taking her own life and making it all go to zero.Without their own procrastination, the mother’s life can be better, especially after the relapse of the disease, the heart to die more intense.Once, when her mother was not there, she picked up a fruit knife and put it on her wrist.Her mother told her, “No matter how hard it is, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, I will never give up!”Finally, she put down her knife and lost herself in endless meditation.Li mingxin is not as strong as she seems. She knows she will not live long and has applied to the hospital to donate her body to help others as much as possible.Can often think of her mother, she did not have the courage to face death, so many years, the mother behind silent support, not only spiritual advice to her, but also in the material to do their best.In order to treat her daughter, without a job and no support from her husband, she took on all the responsibilities, looking for a hospital, taking care of her daughter’s whole life, and lowering her head to borrow money from relatives and friends for treatment.Seven years on, my mother has sold two houses, and she has not given up even on distant relatives, brazenly going to their homes and begging them to help her.Some relatives are ok and willing to lend the money, but some are afraid that their mother will not be able to repay them, no matter how many kind words they say, they will not lend a penny.Li did a rough calculation that her family had spent nearly 2 million yuan since her diagnosis, and she knew exactly where her mother got all that money.Because of her mother’s insistence, Li Mingxin saw the last glimmer of light, there was a man in desperate love himself.For the sake of her mother, she must cheer up and face the disease with a healthy attitude. Perhaps only in this way can she make her condition better and have more opportunities to repay her mother.Of course, there were also many people who did not understand them, and some who encouraged them at first, but when they saw that their condition did not improve, they also stood in the camp of not supporting them.Seven years is a long time, and it’s been hard for mother and daughter.Osteosarcoma is a terminal disease, and no one has ever seen a cure for it. In addition, the road to chemotherapy is too long.But then, what could she do?What other options did she have?Why do I Deserve to die?Li Mingxin recalled the road of treatment in recent years, not from a sigh, this road is really too sad.No matter how difficult it was, she would not miss any opportunity, as long as there was hope she would not give up treatment, dare not give up.After she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, doctors told her mother the treatment would cost at least $1 million.However, Li mingxin’s family was financially poor, and her relatives and friends tried to persuade them to give up. However, Li Mingxin’s mother was unmoved and tried her best to treat her daughter.Unfortunately, a lot of money was spent, but the results were not satisfactory. Li Mingxin’s condition became more and more serious.Seeing such a result, some relatives and friends began to advise them not to get medical treatment, because their family conditions really can not afford such a toss.After hearing this, Li was very angry, because she felt that being poor was not a sin and that she deserved to die because she had not decided to become ill.Later, Li posted his medical experience on the Internet, which sparked a heated debate among netizens, who were roughly divided into two groups.One group of netizens has been encouraging Li to continue her treatment, arguing that she has the right to choose and that as long as her family doesn’t give up on her, passers-by ‘opinions are meaningless and can be ignored.The other thought li was too selfish, because the osteosarcoma could not heal completely with existing medical methods, so his insistence was just a stretch, and the end result was nothing but money and people.In addition, some netizens also feel that Li has delayed the rest of her mother’s life by letting her mother suffer with her.It was because of the different opinions that Li’s story caught the attention of netizens, and all kinds of comments flooded the online world.However, we should be aware that we are only bystanders and will never feel the pain of the people involved. Therefore, what Li Mingxin does is her own business and no one has the right to interfere.Since people learned about Li ming-xin’s story, many caring netizens have donated money to her, and many charities have contacted the mother and daughter to offer their help.The mother and daughter still have a bit of debt, but luckily, a charity foundation in Chengdu is covering all of Li’s medical expenses.When li’s mother was asked if her daughter’s disease could be completely cured, she said she didn’t know, but she would continue to see her daughter as long as there was a glimmer of hope, and Li hoped that more people would pay attention to the osteosarcoma community.Conclusion: we all explain that day and accident do not know which will come first, but birth and death is we each have to experience again.People with cancer can do whatever they want or fight it out, but no one deserves to die and everyone has the right to live.From the moment we were born, we are destined to learn to say goodbye, the world is not fair, some people a lifetime without disaster, but also some people at a young age will be tortured by pain.Li Mingxin is a brave girl. She does not give in to fate. Even if god is so mean to her, she always smiles.About life, a hundred people have a hundred different ideas, when the disease falls on their own body, some people will fight to survive, some people are afraid of dragging their family, in the result of the moment on their own death sentence.For the family, they are also to seize the last straw, for them, should not fight with the disease?Positive and optimistic people always deserve our respect, people with goals and dreams can go further.Disclaimer: This article is published for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Contact/submit email: service@shxyo.com