Varong Victory: Indian and Chinese ace troops engaged, but Indian troops were completely wiped out?

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In war between India and China in 1962, China and India’s ace troops in battle, troops were more than 2000 people, think that the battle only lasted less than half a day, this thought is a battle of out to win so well, and tile battle, also become nightmare, troops life how did this happen?What other wars did our army successfully surprise?History guide you to understand history!Get well figure 4-1 raids watts victory in the middle of November, 1962, troops sent trump forces, and against our troops in the tile, as the gunfire rang, tile campaign begins in earnest, but unexpectedly, let troops only proud forces, in the face of our troops was annihilated, less than half a day, the only troops ace forces fled,After the news of the great victory of our army came out, the whole country was shocked. Even after many years, the great victory of Varong was still a nightmare that the Indian army could not forget.What the hell is going on here?This starts with Ding Sheng, who commanded the war. Only by knowing yourself and knowing your enemy can you win every battle. After our troops arrived in The Walong area, they first made an investigation here and found that the Indian troops occupied the high ground and the two armies engaged each other.In mid-November 1962, General Ding Sheng launched a surprise attack on the Indian army. At first, he removed a detachment and made contact with the Indian army. Although the enemy found the situation wrong, it was too late.It is very good news for our soldiers that such an important strategic point was easily captured by a small team.War between India and China began to enter a climax stage, the importance of the highlands, troops also very clear, so both sides in the highlands, for many times, but troops every charge, will be our army soldiers beat off, until then take turns to attack, seems to want to tired tactics, troops of annoying the trick, is a big trouble for our army soldiers.Moreover, because of the special terrain of the area, surrounded by thick woods, it was not suitable for the attack with guns. Until some soldiers came up with the idea of catapulting explosive packets with branches, this method quickly worked. After repeated destruction attacks with branches, the Indian army could not hold on any longer.Our army troops to seize the opportunity, the more fierce attack, before long, the troops forces have scatter, followed by a general assault began, and the troops only dare to hide in a bunker, but this way, those bunkers vulnerable degree are incredible, can destroy a bunker a shell, four hours after a general assault, fire troops stronghold is basic to possess,And those hiding in the bunker under the Indian army, finally hurriedly arbitrary road directly captured by our army.Our attack was overwhelming, and the Indian army in Varong was surrounded by groups. The leader of the enemy directly fled by helicopter, leaving the leaderless Indian army to surrender.Varong great victory, our army won a complete victory, but also captured numerous aircraft artillery, so, known as the Ace of Indian troops, the 11th brigade, our troops were completely annihilated.India’s trump card army, too late to strike was wiped out by our army, the strength is so weak, why dare to challenge our army?Under what circumstances did the battle of Varong take place?In 1959, a serf-owner rebellion broke out in Tibet, supported by India. However, the rebellion was quickly put down by the Chinese army.And after India, but also in China step by step, once the Sino-British friendly strategy has been forgotten, the Indian army under the command, began eating into China’s territory, in the sino-indian border issue, China is a peace-loving country, but China was never afraid of war, if anyone violate the territory of China, then China will use the means of war, to peace.In early September 1962, the Indian army even set up a post in China. The local British and Indian army commander, well aware of the sensitivity of the post, even changed the name of the post to a region three miles away in order to hide the fact.This was so provocative that we sent a small unit to camp around the post, but the Indian army claimed that by sending a 600-man squad to attack, they were exposing their ambitions.After enduring for a long time for the sake of peace, which is weak for the enemy, finally, the PLA launched a counterattack against India.At that time, China’s domestic economic situation was unstable, and it was also a valuable opportunity for India. Indian Prime Minister Nehru even claimed to “teach” The Chinese army by force.Before that, our army had made great efforts to peacefully resolve the border issue, but the Indian army even asked China to give up a large area of land in order to get the negotiating position, otherwise, they refused to negotiate peace.In order to protect the integrity of territorial sovereignty and the security of the border areas of the motherland, our army had to temporarily form the Forward headquarters of the Tibet Military Area Command, whose main task was to counter the attacks of the Indian army.Premier zhou of 500 trucks, notarized or even just starts the emergency from the sichuan-tibet highway to the war zone, in before the war began, direction of Mr. Li’s position has been clear, our army troops sent by ace forces, also has been in the British army, in the midst of world war ii the meritorious military service, and even the elite German army troops defeated, can say history,It is indeed the best army in India.At that time, the Indian army dispatched four battalions, with a total proportion of more than 2,000 people. They were stationed in the Valeng area with excellent equipment, trying to comprehensively defeat our army.However, even though they were well equipped, they were once an ace force with outstanding achievements in battle, but they were finally defeated by our troops. They could not take even a small high ground, let alone a total defeat of our troops.How would India react to a situation in which all it got was the loss of artillery and rifles and the annihilation of troops?Tail between your legs?Or not till the Yellow River heart die?Defeated India won the war, our army naturally exulted, at this time India’s reaction can be imagined, sent the trump troops, was actually wiped out by our army, Shouting lessons for the Chinese army, the Indian prime minister, at this time can only shut up.The news of the defeat of The Indian army had spread all over the world, and the media of every country had reported it, amazed not only by the speed of India’s defeat, but also by the bravery of our troops.And also caused a huge battle for troops troops, in addition, troops also summarizes the defeat reason for many times, but the most direct reason is the problem of military battalion commander, when India the whole logistics supply is very difficult, but the military battalion commander for the sake of their future, demand forces to attack directly, but he never imagined,He was facing the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, and there was no advantage in a strong attack.Aside from man-made factors, the troops is doomed to failure, when two armies at war region is similar to a pocket shape, and the enemy of all forces is a solid line, no cover around the troops and paramilitary, although the troops also made certain defenses, but the basic is no defense, and troops front very long, forces have arrived at the theater,But food and supplies were far away in the rear, and there was nothing to protect them from the cold. They were fighting at an altitude of four kilometers, and it was cold all day long, making it difficult to carry out even ordinary maneuvering campaigns.Those Indian troops, wearing only the thinnest clothes and carrying three days’ supplies, entered the battlefield in this way. If there was a stalemate between the two sides, a large number of them would starve to death, let alone die in battle.Fortunately, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army solved the problem ahead of time and won the Battle of Varong in only half a day.The performance of our army in this battle caused the praise of the media of various countries. General MacArthur of the United States couldn’t help but sigh, “The Indian army is really bold” and “dare to provoke the Chinese soldiers”.Because in Korea, MacArthur had learned all about it.The strength of Chinese soldiers.Until now, nearly 60 years have passed since the battle of Varong.But for the Indian army, it is still the shadow that cannot be forgotten, whether it is the commander of the army general Ding Sheng, or the brave PLA troops, for the Indian army, it is a nightmare.This wonderful battle in the history of world war left a wealth of experience for repelling The Indian army, especially for the counter-attack of self-defense against India, but also has extremely far-reaching significance.The PLA has proved to India and the rest of the world with its intrepid fighting capacity and intrepid spirit that China’s territory is inviolable, that China’s territorial sovereignty can never be trampled upon, that China is no longer the soft persimmer of 100 years ago, and that any acts of aggression against China will be fought back.As a matter of fact, both the victory in the Battle of Walong and the victory in the war of self-defence and counter-attack only demonstrate one truth: New China is a country of great strength. Not one inch of China’s 9.6 million square kilometers will be lost, and the number will not be 9.8 million or 10 million.Walong victory and we as a lucky generation, living in the era of peace and stability, should always bear in mind, now life is the blood of our ancestors, we should do to cherish peace, in the global competition environment, quietly do every little thing, for the development of the motherland!