Two environmental protection projects worth over 100 million yuan were put into operation

2022-05-26 0 By

□ Reporter Xu Jia recently reported from Jinan,LuXin energy company’s LuXin energy saving investment co., LTD. Shandong yao hua on the implementation of two key environmental protection projects, shandong laiwu steel branch company of old and new kinetic energy conversion system optimization upgrading environmental dedusting engineering, building 1 # 3800 m3 blast furnace project, 2 * 120 ton converter TaoJiaLing regional environmental dust removal project has passed the acceptance, officially entered the operating period.According to the introduction, the investment of these two projects are more than 100 million yuan, the operation period of 10 years, is the focus of luxin industry focus on the main business, do fine and solid “target, continuously increase energy conservation and environmental protection business investment and participate in the implementation of the key projects.These two projects not only have significant environmental and social benefits, but also help Luxin Energy company to further expand its revenue sources and consolidate its profit base. They are specific measures for Luxin Industry to give full play to its own advantages, help the transformation of old and new driving forces and the high-quality development of the province.Source: Dazhong Daily