NPC deputy Zhang Tianren: I love the countryside and fulfill my duties

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Guangming Daily reporter Lu Jian February 7, the north of Zhejiang snow, Changxing County Town meishan Town xinchuan village committee office is another hot scene, more than a dozen party members and representatives of the township, around the “return of the township” “township with rich” topic, each other, the discussion atmosphere is warm.Zhang Tianren, NPC deputy, Chairman of Tieneng Group and party secretary of Xinchuan Village, was thinking carefully while listening to everyone speak.After careful research, a draft of this year’s representative proposals gradually came into being in his mind, with the focus on “villagers with rich”.Born in a farming family, Zhang Tianren has a deep affection for the countryside, and the promotion of rural revitalization has always been his focus.Rural vitalization depends on industry, especially on local industries and green industries.Xinchuan used to be a remote and poor mountain village. After the reform and opening up, many factories were set up in the village, which gradually made money. But the air and environment became worse and worse.The idea that green mountains are mountains of gold and silver, let Zhang Tianren have the feeling of seeing the sun through clouds.He promoted the “Phoenix Nirvana” plan in the village, and closed down more than 10 heavily polluted stone mines and fire-resistant factories in succession, vigorously developing green new energy industry.The flower of ideas bears fruit of practice.Today, xinchuan village has beautiful scenery and people, rich and healthy. Every family lives in a small villa, and the per capita income is more than 150,000 yuan.Many foreign sages have returned home to start their own businesses.Under his leadership, Tianeng Group, which originated in Xinchuan Village, has become a leader in the field of new energy power batteries in China, contributing to the construction of national ecological civilization and the realization of the goal of “dual carbon”.Tianneng Group also injects a steady stream of power into the high-quality development of Xinchuan Village through the way of industry nurturing farmers and industry driving.A young man who went back to his hometown to start his own business brought a tourism project called “Train on cloud”, which had a promising prospect, but millions of yuan of start-up capital limited the young man’s dream.After field investigation, Zhang Tianren thought that he could try to set up an equity fund to introduce the villagers’ funds into the “big pond” to develop the village economy.”This not only promotes industrial development, but also increases villagers’ property income and creates jobs.”Under his initiative, three “strong village companies” were established last December, including an equity fund, to develop the beautiful economy of Xinchuan Village.What difficulties will rural scoundrels still encounter when they return home to start a business?Zhang tianren conducted more than a month of continuous research, and finally came up with a proposal on in-depth implementation of the “Rural Talents Bring Rich Project” to Help rural revitalization. He called on the state to improve the return policy of rural talents, implement the plan to help rural entrepreneurship, and create a business environment for rural entrepreneurship.Ground gas, observe people’s situation, gather people’s wisdom.Not just identifying problems, but coming up with scientific solutions.On a business trip on a high-speed train, a person in charge of a waste resources recycling company sitting next to him complained to Zhang Tianren that the company had to pay 13% value-added tax when selling waste materials purchased from individuals to the disposal company.Because there is no input invoice deduction, the burden is heavy, some enterprises “ticket sales” or simply sold the waste materials to “underground” smelters.Listening attentively, Zhang Tianren immediately to more than 10 enterprises research, listen to the voice of enterprises.On this basis, the author wrote relevant suggestions and submitted them to the National People’s Congress in 2021, suggesting that the state levy value-added tax on recycling enterprises at the standard of 3% for small-scale taxpayers, and increase the proportion of refunds on demand.Relevant ministries finally adopted his suggestion, and the new value-added tax regulation on comprehensive utilization of resources will be implemented from March this year.”Deputies to the PEOPLE’s Congresses bear the trust of their organizations and the expectations of the people. This is a heavy responsibility and responsibility. I will fulfill my duties and carry the urgent and difficult expectations of the people and the voices of enterprises to the NPC and CPPCC sessions and make suggestions and suggestions for China’s high-quality development.”Zhang Tianren said.Guangming Daily (Version 03, February 20, 2022)