2022 Anhui TV Spring Festival Gala, Eliyuan Zhang Jie Zhang Liangying surprise appearance!

2022-05-26 0 By

On the first night of the Chinese New Year, anhui SATELLITE TV’s 2022 Spring Festival Gala has arrived as scheduled, welcoming the Year of the Tiger with the people of the whole country in a festive atmosphere.Zhang Jie, Zhang Liangying, Sun Nan, and other quality singers sing emblem late, singer Yili Yuan, Yang Hongji and other strength of guests all on stage, bringing classic masterpiece.Anhui satellite TV this year with the desire of the “blooming” as the theme, both the home and the feelings of grand narrative, there are also small incision expression show ordinary people a better life, will be “wish” with heart through integration of emotion, through the “emblem party sitting room” way of interview, series connection has the wonderful program of a total of six major parts.Two hundred – year – old veteran apart meet again touching seventy, the island of hefei science researchers collective chorus “of the sun” exciting, “temporary isolation” “who can prove” “‘” “ranking” four after three months, the selection of the comedy thought-provoking, lots of passion dance show show in a new era of weather lets a person full of expectations for the future, in spite of”Ice and Winter Olympics” combined with the Olympic gold medal picture, show figure skating, speed skating, ice hockey and other ice and snow sports, cheer for the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics, drive the climax of the party.The gala showed various themes including anti-epidemic, Olympic Games, science and technology, and reunion through many wonderful programs. Among these themes, “Olympic Games”, as one of the key words of the country 2022, was devoted to the wholehearted efforts of the behind-the-scenes staff.Games are messengers, habitat and many artists to promote culture, associate professor of communication university of China, li luca brasi as guests invited to sing the snow games show, in the process of pour with programs work also spent a lot of state of mind, from the design, the overall effect is very chic, elegant and dignified in do not break sweet youth, mature and responsible, with a hint of playfulness,According to the content needs of the appropriate selection of ice and snow elements, in the ice crystal pure atmosphere to sing the Olympics of all mankind, to the world issued a solemn Invitation of China.”We are all proud, we are all proud, holding hands and smiling together, solidifying the ice and snow into a bridge of friendship.”The time of a song, just a few minutes caused a strong resonance of the audience inside and outside the party.The song, written by Liang Chen and composed by Hu Shuai, was selected as one of the best songs of the first Winter Olympics after nearly a year of screening among 1,137 entries.As the original singer of this song and sing, yi li luca brasi also has the profound connotation of expression through songs in different occasions of the blessings of the games, show unique charm of China, valuable is that every creates very moving, each time can bring a person different feeling, so this song is also became the most games are good songs in one of the highest degree of songs.On January 30th (the 28th day of the twelfth lunar month), 19:30, in the Chinese year of laughter, in the flourishing day of reunion, this holy silver and white world highlights anhui SATELLITE TV’s sense of responsibility as the first camp of the national SATELLITE TV, and also reflects the outstanding professional ability and consistent sense of mission of The winter Olympics cultural promotion envoy Yiliyuan.