The new Opel model has a range of just 75km but is very useful

2022-05-25 0 By

Opel has unveiled the Rocks- E Kargo, another model in opel’s sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM) vehicle range.It is very small in size and purely electric, which makes it ideal for urban use, such as delivering deliveries and takeout food.It’s worth noting that although it has four wheels, the Rocks-e Kargo is a quad rather than a car according to the EU classification.The Rocks- E Kargo is a rebranded version of Citroen’s My Ami Cargo.The difference is that the passenger seats have been removed and replaced with one that provides more than 400 litres of storage space.Why is it suitable for urban use?First of all, because its body size is very small, only 2.41 meters long, 1.39 meters wide and 1.52 meters high.Second, it has a turning radius of only 7.2 meters.Therefore, overall, this is a very suitable for shuttle in the city path.For longer items, Rocks-e Kargo has an adjustable loading floor that can hold items up to 1.2 meters long.It can transport up to 140 kilograms.For packages, takeout, and even boarding bins, Rocks-E Kargo should be able to handle it.The Opel Rocks- E Kargo produces 8 HP continuous power with a maximum output of 12 HP.In WLTP, it has a pure electric range of 75 kilometers, about the same as a normal e-bike.