The US and THE UK have demanded entry into China after a UN report on Xinjiang accused China of violating international law

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According to the United Times on February 12, recently, the International Labor Organization, a subsidiary of the United Nations, released a relevant report, which mentioned the xinjiang-related issues.The report expressed deep concern over the so-called discriminatory labor policies in Xinjiang, accusing China of violating international employment policy conventions and demanding China to abolish the relevant policies.The INTERNATIONAL Labor Organization (ILO) will discuss China’s xinjiang-related issues again in the near future, and may file a complaint and set up a committee to investigate xinjiang-related issues, an ILO official said.The United States and Britain welcomed the report issued by the INTERNATIONAL Labour Organization (ILO), and demanded an entry investigation into Xinjiang. The Chinese delegation to Geneva, director-general of the ILO, refuted the report, saying it was untrue and politically motivated, and China did not accept it.As for xinjiang-related issues, the core is not whether there is forced labor at all, but that it is a matter of Chinese sovereignty!In other words, whether there is “forced labor” in Xinjiang or not, it has nothing to do with the British, The Americans or even the UN.They are not paid by China to monitor our human rights situation. They have no responsibility and no position to judge this issue.Sovereignty is greater than human rights. The West must respect China’s sovereignty before asking about human rights in China.In fact, this is the real reason why the West has been emphasizing so-called democracy and human rights over the years, but not sovereignty.Because they know very well that when they do and say these things, they have violated the sovereignty of other countries.So the West has turned on its public opinion machine to hype democracy and human rights and hide the higher priority of sovereignty.Over time, the international community has almost forgotten the concept of sovereignty.This is why China has been emphasizing the concept of sovereignty through multiple channels. If we do not mention it ourselves, we will fall into the trap of western public opinion.Of course, sovereignty alone is not enough. There is a popular saying “defeat magic with magic”, which is embodied in “Wolf diplomacy” in international relations.Step outside of western logic and fight back with other means, such as setting the agenda.A few days ago, the White House made a false comment on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, Uighur athletes in Xinjiang as torchbearers.The White House said it was a distraction from a “genocide” that the US would not allow to happen.The White House also said it was refusing to send a diplomatic delegation to the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Beijing for that reason.Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian’s counter-attack was brilliant. He mentioned that the genocide committed by the United States in its history caused the number of Indians to drop from 5 million to 250,000, or one-twentieth of that, which is the real crime of genocide.Another example is the UK’s ill-fated talk about Taiwan, while China supports Argentina in its bid to claim the Malvinas as part of the Belt and Road initiative, exporting third generation nuclear technology and possibly jF-17 thunder fighter jets.This series of combination of blows made the British people anxious like ants on hot pan, British Foreign Secretary Tony Truss appealed to China, asking China to respect British sovereignty.For the first time, Britain is talking to China about sovereignty. This is the result of Wolf diplomacy.It is far more effective to bring the West into the arena of public opinion where we are good than to protest.When it comes to the UN’s negative report on Xinjiang, China’s criticism of the report as “politically motivated” is not groundless.For such western-controlled institutions, they are basically western “mouthpieces”, and most of what they say and do is manipulated by the West.The so-called International Labor Organization is expected to continue to issue more damning xinjiang-related reports in the near term, and may even request an investigation into the region.Now that the other team has launched a new offensive, how do we “move on”?First of all, the ORGANIZATION can request to launch an investigation into the human rights situation in the United States and the United Kingdom, so as to prevent the United States and the West from confusing the public.Second, China agreed to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s visit to Xinjiang on the condition that the UN not issue a report on Xinjiang during the Winter Olympics.Now, the Winter Olympics is not over, the United Nations has broken its promise, there is nothing to say, cancel the United Nations high commissioner’s visit to Xinjiang, we will talk about it later!Finally, and most importantly, for the western countries that follow the law of the jungle, when China is too strong to be arrogant, they will really look up to us.Therefore, we should stabilize the momentum of economic development and accelerate the research and development of high-tech weapons.”Truth is only within the range of cannons”, in the face of absolute strength, those scheming will only be vulnerable!