Help keep the Winter Olympics safe and security check non-stop

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Build security lines, escort the Winter Olympic Games.The opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games will be held at the National Stadium on The evening of February 4.Gangcha County Public Security Bureau chengguan police station to escort the Olympic Games adhere to their posts, strictly implement the highest standards, the most stringent measures, the most thorough deployment, to provide the most solid security guarantee for the “Winter Olympics”.First, strengthen public security patrol prevention and control, build a solid winter Olympics security line.Arrange deployment according to the bureau party committee, city police station joint patrol team takes “with belt line, in line with the surface” 24-hour patrol the whole city pattern, maximize the police on the street, step by taking the armed patrol, car tour the way of combining reinforcement around schools, hospitals, main street, market, stations, public places and the key sections of public security patrol,Improve the street to see the police rate, really see the police during the day, see the police lights at night, improve the sense of security and satisfaction of the people, to ensure the “Winter Olympics” during the county social stability.Two, strengthen the industry site inspection, to remove potential safety hazards.According to the actual area, the chengguan police station in accordance with the principle of “safety first, prevention first”, organize the civil auxiliary police on duty to carry out social security inspection, hidden trouble investigation, security inspection action, the area of the gas station, hotel industry, entertainment venues, shops, rented houses and other key units of the dragnet investigation;, civilian police key system for gas station in bulk gas use and registration whether standard, whether hotel implement the real-name registration system of “five must” occupancy, minors, all key units and fire control facilities are in normal use, whether monitoring equipment normal operation, security personnel equipped with whether or not complete, the disease prevention and control measures to improve the situation such as given;At the same time, to the jurisdiction of the temple safety management further clear, a comprehensive understanding of the temple management personnel and religious personnel, prevention and containment of temple fire accidents and other safety accidents.During this period, 20 hotels, 3 refueling stations, 1 gas station, and 2 temples were inspected, which further improved the safety awareness of industry places in the jurisdiction, resolutely eliminated the unstable factors, and laid a good foundation for the sustainable stability of the jurisdiction.Third, strengthen the investigation of conflicts and disputes, prevent and resolve social risks.Adhere to the development of fengqiao experience in the new era, fully mobilize the village community police, public security joint defense team and other forces, go into the village, pastoral areas, construction sites and other areas, timely investigation of family, neighborhood disputes, marriage and other conflicts and disputes, to ensure that “small things do not go out of the village, big things do not go out of the village”, timely resolve conflicts and disputes in the beginning.Fourth, strengthen the publicity of the rule of law, improve the public awareness of prevention.Closely focusing on grassland fire prevention and control, epidemic prevention and control, prevention of telecom and Internet fraud, promotion and installation of national anti-fraud APP and other knowledge, publicity of laws and regulations to the masses, help the masses master and understand more legal knowledge, further improve the people’s awareness of the rule of law, and jointly build a new situation of good social development.