A number of cultural activities in the West youth festival to fill the atmosphere of Lantern Festival!

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Lantern Festival, in the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control and safety measures, based on the residents in rich people holiday life, xiqing district, tour bureau to further enrich the content of the online culture tourism activities, organize each text brigade enterprises launch various forms, rich and colorful cultural tourism in the Lantern Festival activities, to accompany you a happy holiday season.Night lights play the role of urban streetscape to create a festive atmosphere each street hanging lanterns, Chinese knot and other decorations, gorgeous bright, thriving, create a festive atmosphere.In the North Central Canal Cultural tourism area, various festive lights decorate the streets and overflow with colorful streamers.In jingwu Cultural Park, 17 sets of Lanterns featuring traditional culture, cartoons and sports bring visual enjoyment to the public.In accordance with the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control work, we are determined to prevent the occurrence of clusters of epidemic diseases. This year, there will be no Lantern Festival and flower show in Xiqing District. The general public are requested not to participate in cluster activities, do not gather, do not stay, and minimize the movement of people and vehicles.Guess lantern riddles folk culture activities are colorful guess lantern riddles, visit ancient towns, experience intangible cultural heritage……During the Lantern Festival, a total of 16 scenic spots in Xiqing District opened and nine folk culture experience activities were launched.Visitors can choose to participate in the activity individually or in groups. They can immerse themselves in the fun of guessing lantern riddles in the porcelain art world full of Tianjin stories.Yangliuqing Ancient Town scenic spot, citizens and tourists can punch cards, tea soup and other traditional intangible cultural heritage snacks, visit shijia Courtyard and other folk attractions, but also into yucheng New Year painting workshop handmade Yangliuqing New Year painting, experience the intangible cultural heritage skills, feel the charm of Xiqing culture.Dong Jia Courtyard Qingjinji Hanfu experience hall launched the activities of “Wearing Hanfu, enjoying beautiful scenery and guessing lantern riddles in the Lantern Festival”, to promote the traditional festival culture and hanfu culture of the Chinese nation, and to play new tricks with traditional folk customs.Xiqing District Library launched the wechat exhibition of “Lantern Festival Competition, When the Moon is Full — Appreciation of Famous Poems of the Lantern Festival” and the online riddle guessing activity of “Ancient Liu Lantern Riddles Meeting” to enrich the mass cultural activities, so that the masses can still feel the traditional atmosphere of the Lantern Festival without going out.The 11th Tulip Cultural Tourism Festival in Tianjin Tropical Plant Tourism Garden will last until the 16th of the first lunar month. Tens of thousands of tulips will accompany people in Tianjin to celebrate the Lantern Festival with colorful flowers with the words of “love and blessing”.Social Mountain Culture and Tourism Hong Kong, Impression City shopping mall and other commercial complexes have launched a variety of welfare discount activities and riddle guessing to win prizes, inviting citizens to unlock the surprise of the Lantern Festival.Chang play fun carnival experience ice ice and snow in the north central theme park car and meijiang convention center north joy festival and was launched meijiang snow carnival two theme activities, ice and snow snow circle rapidly banana boat ramp, snow, snow around more than 10 kinds of snow amusement equipment more surprises to tourists, let people experience ice fun at home.Xiqing District Bureau of Culture and Tourism will continue to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, implement epidemic prevention and control requirements, strengthen law enforcement inspection of cultural and tourism market, and protect the safety of cultural and tourism market.At the same time, the general public should not ignore the epidemic prevention and control while enjoying the joy of the festival, check the opening of scenic spots and traffic restrictions before traveling, make an appointment before traveling, and do a good job of protection during the tour, maintain social safety distance, wear masks correctly, and travel in a healthy and civilized way.Please indicate the source of “Tianjin Xiqing”