2022/2/16(32) Xu Yiming, Procurator-General, conducted investigation and guided zhijiang procuratorial work

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On the morning of February 15, Xu Yiming, chief procurator of Yichang People’s Procuratorate, visited all police officers in Zhijiang People’s Procuratorate and conducted investigation on the procuratorial work.Inspector General Xu Yiming inspected 12309 Procuratorial Service Center, case management hall, talent apartment, police canteen and other places, concerned and asked about post-holiday construction, project implementation, brand building, organ management and police life, etc.Procurator-general Zhang Xuesong and accompanying team members made a report.In the following research forum, Xu Yiming, chief procurator, communicated with all the police officers of Zhijiang City Hospital, and extended New Year’s greetings to everyone. He fully affirmed that the hospital’s organ management is orderly, the police officers are full of vigor and vitality, and the working ideas are clear and effective, encouraging the hospital to achieve further achievements in the Year of the Tiger.During the investigation, Xu Yiming, chief procurator of The Procuratorate of Zhijiang Put forward four requirements: First, the concept of building a prison to serve the overall situation.We need to focus on the overall situation of local economic and social development, fully fulfill our duties and fulfill our duties in accordance with the guiding principles of Document No. 28 of the Central Development Council, put the people-centered development philosophy throughout procuratorial work, fulfill our responsibilities and demonstrate our performance in procuratorial work.The second is to establish the concept of striving for excellence.It should adapt to zhijiang’s city positioning and economic volume as “One hundred top counties in National County economy”, identify the target positioning, make clear the direction of efforts, sprint and strive for first-class, and strongly promote the procuratorial business data to advance in the provincial assessment.Third, establish the consciousness of quality goods.In accordance with the standard of “pursuing perfection” and the requirement of “stopping at perfection”, the procuratorial work should be promoted, the characteristic and bright brand should be cultivated vigorously, and the influence and reputation of procuratorial organs should be enhanced.Fourth, pay close attention to team building.We will work tirelessly and strictly to ensure that the procuratorial team is free from accidents and capable of performing their duties.It is necessary to further strengthen ideological and political education, improve police capability and quality, and lay a good foundation for creating a new situation of Zhijiang procuratorial work.During the investigation, Xu Yiming, procurator-General also met and communicated with the leaders of Zhijiang Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and the Political and Legal Committee of the Municipal Party Committee respectively, spoke highly of zhijiang’s hot development trend and competitive attitude, and encouraged the Procuratorate of Zhijiang to contribute to and escort the high-quality development of Zhijiang.Official sources – END – | zhijiang city people’s procuratorate WeChat past selected ✦ on the new job Show the new look New performance of the procuratorial daily: dry with information to handle the papers to sell layers of resale seeks profits 14 people sentenced to the fifteenth day of the yuanxiao, procuratorial lantern riddle waiting for you to challenge!