The European Union has approved a third insect species for consumption

2022-05-24 0 By

The EU has approved crickets (Huiskrekel) to be sold and used as food, a third insect after gele meelworm (Gele meelworm) and Tree sprinkhaan, for which the European Commission is opening up the European market.The cricket, formally known as Acheta domesticus, was found around the world, including in the Netherlands.It can be refrigerated or dried and sold whole or as a powder and used as food.The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has found crickets to be safe for humans to eat, for example as a crunchy snack or food ingredient.The European Food Safety Authority is still investigating nine other insects.Insects are not yet very common on European menus, but the European Commission wants to boost their consumption as they can replace meat as an alternative source of protein, allowing them to play a role in the shift to a more sustainable food system.Last July, the European Commission approved for the first time an insect as a new food product for the EU market, the dried mealworm.Mealworms are actually mealworms (EfSA) pupae and can be used in powder form, such as in biscuits or pasta.In November, the European Commission also approved locusts as a new food for trade and consumption in the EU.