Wuling District Qiming Street: Spring Festival sympathy to send warm sincere care warm hearts

2022-05-23 0 By

Qiming street condolences to the needy people.Rednet moment Changde January 27 – (correspondent Ouyang Dedan) Spring Festival is coming, the old cold feeling deep.In order to make the poor people in the area spend a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, pass the care and greetings of the party and the government.On January 26, wuling district qiming street held a series of activities to express condolences for the Spring Festival.In the activity, Comrade Zhou Yunbo, secretary of qiming Street Party Working Committee, led the street team and community cadres to visit the severely disabled, low-income households, difficult party members, empty-nesters and so on.We talked to them, asked them about their recent family life, reminded them of fire fighting and travel safety in bad weather, encouraged them to remain optimistic and confident, and gave them money, gifts and good wishes for the New Year.This Spring Festival visit and condolence activity sent the New Year’s blessing to the needy people in the community, and also gave spiritual comfort and encouragement.In the future, Qiming street will increase its efforts to do practical things for the masses, help them solve practical problems, and let them truly feel the care and warmth of the street family.