What’s the name of the movie zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu are in

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Zhao liying and Zhou Dongyu co-starred in the movie “Palace Of Agalloch,” in which Zhao plays Liuli, a palace maid who was once a good friend of Agalloch Agalloch, but later ends up in a bad situation by plotting against agalloch Agalloch for her own gain.Zhou Dongyu plays the role of palace maid Aloes xiang, is a simple and kind palace maid, the thirteenth son Yin Xiang mutual feelings, in all kinds of hardships and finally love each other.Zhao Liying was born on October 16, 1987 in Langfang city, Hebei Province. She is an actress.In 2006, he entered the entertainment circle because he participated in the “Yahoo star Search” and won the champion of feng Xiaogang group.Costume dramas in 2011 role in “the new princess huanzhu” sunny by more audiences, and in 2013 the costume dramas “Lu Zhen legend” also have a lot of people like the li-ying zhao, but real let li-ying zhao boom is 2015 XianXia drama “spend bone”, relying on the excellent performance in the play, she has won many awards and her fans.Born on January 31, 1992, in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, Zhou dongyu graduated from The Beijing Film Academy. As an actress, she broke into the entertainment industry and became known to audiences for her role in Zhang Yimou’s 2010 film Under the Hawthorn Tree, for which she won many awards.Later, zhou won many fans for her excellent acting in the films Soul Mate and Young You.