“The most powerful voice of the Winter Olympics” Jin Boyang defeated Jin Boyang

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As the drums beat and the music grew louder, Jin Boyang, dressed in a “Chinese red” suit, stopped spinning to the last note of the “Bolero” and held her arms outstretched to film her final scene in the figure skating competition at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Jin Boyang of China waves after the men’s singles free skating competition in figure skating on February 10.After the game, he shouted and waved his arms, then broke down, burying his face in his hands and crying.It was the second time that tears spilled on the ice in the Winter Olympics.In the Capital Stadium, the applause was prolonged, jin Boyang also repeatedly waved to the audience.In the men’s singles free skating event at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, Jin Boyang cleared six out of seven jumps, only landing on both feet in the final triple axel.He finished with 179.45 points, his own personal season record set four days earlier, and finished ninth with 270.43 points overall.”It was wonderful to show such a spirit on behalf of my country at the Winter Olympics at home.””I made a little mistake, but I definitely beat myself today,” Kim said.This is the 24-year-old boy’s second Winter Olympics.Although he failed to surpass his fourth place in Pyeongchang, it was not easy for Kim boyang, who had once fallen to the bottom.At last year’s world championships, he made a big mistake in his free skate and finished 22nd.In the second half of last year, jin Boyang’s performance picked up, but in the Asian Cup Open and a grand Prix performance was flat.In addition, his form was affected by being hospitalized early last season with acute appendicitis.”These four years, sometimes I questioned my ability.Sometimes confidence is not very high because you make mistakes that you didn’t make in practice, or you carry them into the match.”Jin Boyang said.In preparation for the Beijing Olympics, he has been training according to an official competition schedule since September and has increased his training volume to nearly double that of the last Winter Games.In the past two years, Jin boyang has given himself a total of less than a week off, and two weeks before the Start of the Beijing Winter Olympics, he went through a grueling schedule of two days of team trials and four programs.Jin Boyang of China competes in the men’s singles free skating competition in Beijing, Feb 10, 2018.”For him, today was a step above his level. He hasn’t been at this level in recent training.He’s not young. He’s physically challenging.He was very excited to finish by himself and the coaching staff were very pleased.”Yao Bin told reporters after the game.”My physical function is not very good these days, but it is incredible that MY belief is stronger, my mind is more calm and I am more confident,” Jin said of her rising performance in the Olympics.Walking off the ice, Jin Boyang embraced her coaches Xu Zhaoxiao and Fu Caishu.”The final burst of my free skate was the result of everyone’s hard work.It is the people of the motherland who give me strength and faith. It is the motherland that has created the best training conditions for us under the epidemic. It is the support and encouragement of the team that have given me the best memories of the Winter Olympics in my life.”Jin Boyang said emotionally.Asked if he would compete in another Olympics, He said: “I hope I can compete in a third Olympics.For me, the most important thing is persistence and love.I hope I can keep the spirit I have today and represent my country and win glory for it.”