The first blind box is to open a “new blind box”!”China Disneyland” may speed up landing

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(Reporter Jia Yongbiao) The “Chinese Version of Disneyland” is expected to accelerate its landing.On February 21, in response to the previous Internet rumors about the construction of the theme park, the relevant person in charge of The bubble Mart responded to the reporter of Dahe Financial Cube, Dahe Daily, saying: “The relevant news is true, building the theme park is one of the key directions of the future of the bubble Mart, but there is no more information to disclose at present.”We are probably the most Disney-like company in China, because we are always on the path of incubating good IP.”Wang Ning, CEO of Paomat, also said in an interview with Dahe Financial Cube, dahe Daily, that the construction of the theme park is undoubtedly a key link on the road to becoming the “Chinese version of Disney”.However, the theme park is a heavy asset and a project that tests the operation strength of enterprises. At present, the stock price of Paomaomat is at a low level, which has been reduced by nearly 60% compared with the listing peak. Can this new track be recognized by the capital market and investors?It is understood that Paomarte has reached cooperation with Beijing Chaoyang Park and is authorized to use the “European charm” project and its surrounding streets and forests in the park.According to Tianyan, Paomat set up Beijing Paomat Park Management Co., Ltd. in August last year. The legal representative of the company is Hu Jian, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan.Amusement park.Catering management;Ticket agent;Performance place operation;Entertainment activities, by Beijing Bubble mart culture and creative Co., LTD.All signs show that Bubble Mart is actively expanding the theme park track.In this regard, Wang Ning once said that blind box is just a kind of appearance, behind which are popular game, IP and content. The popular game industry is very similar to the music industry. When a series of products become popular, people should not only pay attention to the product itself, but also see the logic behind the product.In addition to creating its own theme park, Bubbly Mart is becoming more like Disney in a number of ways.On November 6, 2021, Bubbomat opened its 300th offline store in Disney Town.Shao Yunjie, vice-president of Bubble Mart, told the media: “There will be more landmark stores in the future. The 300 stores is just a starting point. In addition, we will consider the sinking market and open more good stores in the sinking cities.”The domestic theme park market has incremental space, but the competition is intensifying to build theme parks, is it an effective way for Bubble Mart?For now, the answer is unclear.According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 964 theme parks in China. The Yangtze River Delta region, with its huge population and economic aggregate, currently has more than 26% of the theme parks including Disney.The Bohai Rim region has about 22 percent of the theme parks, including Beijing Universal Studios.In addition, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the west coast of the Straits have about 16 percent of the theme parks, including Chimelong.Industry insiders said that China’s population is rapidly gathering in cities, and urban leisure and entertainment space is facing a total and structural shortage, which brings an incremental market.But competition in China’s theme park market will intensify as Disney and Beijing Universal Studios continue to roll out top-tier traffic ips.Natural landscapes, cultural landscapes and theme parks will be more popular in 2021 than in previous years, according to data released by the China Tourism Academy.Thirty-eight percent chose natural landscapes.Among them, theme parks are favored by young tourists, with the number of online reservations increasing by more than 37.1 percent compared with 2019 tickets.It’s not hard to see why Bubbomat has a passion for theme parks.Bubbomat’s audience is mostly young people, who happen to be the main fans of theme parks.Wang Ning once said that tide play is the stamps of contemporary young people, there is always someone to collect the collection, so Bubble Mart is full of confidence in the tide play industry and incubated high-quality IP.It should be noted that as of the end of 2019, 25% of the 339 theme parks in China were in loss, 22% were flat and 53% were profitable, according to the 2021 China Theme Park Competitiveness Evaluation Report.Affected by the epidemic, both the number of tourists received and the operating income of China’s theme parks declined significantly in 2020. Compared with the same budget, the number of tourists received decreased by 50.43% and the operating income decreased by 49.87%.On December 11, 2020, the “blind box first share” Bubble Maite was officially listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. On the first day of opening, it soared by over 100%, and finally closed at HK $69 / share, up 79.22%, with the market value approaching HK $100 billion.On February 17, 2021, The stock price of Paomat rose to an all-time high of HK $107.6 per share, and its total market value soared over HK $150 billion.However, there is no eternal star in the capital market. On January 28, 2022, The stock price of Bubble Mart continued to fall after the opening, and at the end of the market, it not only fell below the offering price, but also hit a new low since its listing.By the end of February 21, The stock price of Paomat was 39.95 yuan per share, according to the calculation, the market value of Paomat has evaporated nearly 100 billion Hong Kong dollars compared to the historical peak.On the one hand, this is related to the frequent chaos in the blind box market, which leads to strong supervision.On December 15, 2021, The Shanghai Municipal Administration of Market Regulation issued the “Shanghai Blind Box Business Activities Compliance Guidelines (Draft)”, including the price of a single product should not be more than 200 yuan, encourage blind box enterprises to establish a guarantee mechanism.On January 28, 2022, in disappear assist and advice to strengthen legislation regulation, delimit the blind box business line, for young children, special products, special field prohibit blind box of marketing, for blind box price, sales methods, probability expression, such as the clear regulation, for the illegal sale, black-box operation, improper induction, sky-high, avoid responsibility behavior to crack down on speculation,We will effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.On the other hand, it’s clear that pop-Mart’s valuation can’t be supported by cool games and blind boxes alone, and creating theme parks is now the new story the company wants to tell investors.However, the theme park is still far from being a model, and the tide play track is approaching. Whether Bubbomart’s idea of creating a “Chinese Disney” can be successfully realized remains to be tested by time.Review of coordinating editor: TaoJiYan | : li zhen | director: jun-wei wan