Quanzhou, Fujian province, added a new “8+121” dynamic designation of nucleic acid testing areas

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Quanzhou, Fujian, March 31 (Chinanet) — The 19th press conference on epidemic prevention and control was held in Quanzhou, Fujian province at 10 o ‘clock on March 31.Quanzhou reported 8 new confirmed cases (3 in Fengze District, 1 in Shishi City and 4 in Jinjiang City) and 121 asymptomatic cases (1 in Licheng District, 53 in Fengze District, 64 in Jinjiang City, 2 in Nan ‘an city and 1 in Yongchun County) from 0:00 to 24:00 on March 30.After expert study judgment, since March 30, fengze district east China Sea street and east Lake street, Jinjiang City lingyuan street part of the area is delimited as sealed control area.Su Gengcong, deputy mayor of Quanzhou, introduced that under the guidance of national and provincial experts, the results of the first three rounds of large-scale nucleic acid testing of people since March 24 were comprehensively analyzed. Quanzhou implemented a rolling strategy of large-scale nucleic acid testing of people and nucleic acid testing in key areas, accurately and dynamically defining the scope of regional nucleic acid testing.Since 6 o ‘clock on March 31, Quanzhou has organized a new round of nucleic acid testing in the containment areas and some control areas where positive infected persons have been found since 0 o ‘clock on March 25 to further investigate and eliminate risk points.In terms of treatment, jinjiang Dongshi Makeshift Hospital was opened with 200 beds.Jinjiang Makeshift hospital has been built with 1,008 beds.At the same time, further coordinate the city’s medical forces, more medical staff, do a good job of treatment.As of March 30, 252 people had been discharged from hospital after recovery, including 11 ordinary cases, 117 mild cases and 124 asymptomatic cases.As of 21 o ‘clock on March 30, 3196 close contacts in Quanzhou city and 11,974 secondary close contacts have been released from isolation.Health monitoring will continue for seven days after the close contacts are released from centralized quarantine, and nucleic acid tests will be carried out on the second and seventh days respectively, and the health monitoring will be lifted only after both tests are negative, Su said.After expert evaluation, Quanzhou has lifted a batch of sealed control area, control area.From March 30, some areas of Lichong Street, Haibin Street, Changtai Street in Licheng District, Wan ‘an Street, Shuangyang Street, Hongshan Town in Luojiang District, Fengli Street, Hubin Street, Lingxiu Town, Baogai Town, Yongning Town, Xiangzhi Town in Shishi City, Dongyuan Town and Luoyang Town in Quanzhou Taiwan Investment Zone were lifted from lockdown control.Since March 31, lockdown control has been lifted in some areas such as Kaiyuan Street, Lichong Street, Fuqiao Street, Jinlong Street and Changtai Street in Licheng District, Luocheng Town in Hui ‘an County and Longxun Town in Dehua County.After the closure, residents should still strictly implement the relevant control measures.Meanwhile, from March 30, jinjiang Anhai Town, Cizao Town, Zimao Town, Dongshi Town, Yinglin town, Shenhu town lifted control.After the lifting of the control, “strengthen social meeting control, strictly restrict people gathering” will continue to be implemented. People are still required to strengthen personal protection, avoid gathering, maintain social distancing, and do not leave the town unless it is necessary in principle.Su stressed that the qingming Festival is approaching, and quanzhou has suspended all on-site mourning activities during the epidemic prevention and control period, urging people to strictly abide by relevant regulations.”We propose that people pay tribute to their ancestors through home memorial services, online memorial services, and other forms of memorial services.”(after)