Qingming Festival martyrs | Sichuan Rural Development Promotion Association visit chengdu Twelve Bridges martyrs tomb

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The merits of heroes shine through the ages, and the names of martyrs shine through the ages.In order to deeply remember the revolutionary martyrs’ great achievements and promote the noble dedication of the martyrs, Sichuan rural development promotion Association organized the tomb-sweeping day activities in the Twelve Bridges Martyrs cemetery of Chengdu Culture Park on April 2.Under the leadership of liu Yi, secretary general of the provincial Agricultural Development Council, Wang Peng, secretary of the Party branch, liang Rong, director of the office, a total of more than 10 party members attended the ceremony.At 2 o ‘clock in the afternoon, the memorial activities began, all party members and workers look solemn, seriously listen to the heroic story of the martyrs of the twelve Bridges, then the majestic “March of the Volunteers” resounding throughout the audience, the atmosphere solemn and solemn.In the deep mourning, all the staff bowed their heads in silence, silence is over, secretary General Liu Yi and Party branch secretary Wang Peng lifted the flower basket, slowly stepped forward, the flower basket will be gently placed in front of the martyrs monument, martyrs monument to bow.Later, all personnel in turn to the martyrs’ tomb, will be a bearing of respect and thoughts of the flowers presented in front of the monument, with a simple and solemn etiquette, to the Chinese revolution for the cause of precious life to pay the highest respect to the ancestors.Staff silence the activity, further stimulated the party member the worker’s patriotism as well as the service “three rural”, active in the country revitalization of the great practice of revolutionary enthusiasm, you have said will not forget the beginner’s mind, keep in mind the mission, and constantly strengthen the consciousness of the party spirit, red inheritance gene, love the motherland the people of the noble morality into practice,We will make unremitting efforts to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and take concrete actions to comfort the martyrs.Flowers for heroes