Eddie Peng has denied rumors that he is not himself

2022-05-23 0 By

Recently, a photo of Eddie Peng posing with medical workers went viral online.Meanwhile, another medical worker was photographed with Peng’s name written on the back of his protective suit.People think Peng is also a volunteer, causing a heated debate.In the photo, Peng, wearing a cap, holds up his camera and poses with the medical staff.This one was taken from a different Angle.I think the setting is some Shanghai neighborhood.Around the same time, another photo of medical staff posing together was posted online.With his name written on the protective suit, peng stands in the corner of the crowd with his hands behind his back. Combined with the tall figure and the background of the similar community, it is easy to think of Peng as a volunteer in the previous photo.’It was a beautiful misunderstanding,’ Peng said when asked about the incident.The implication is that this person is not himself, but someone else using Eddie Peng as his name.After all, a lot of online names are “Eddie Peng of Beijing” and “Eddie Peng of Henan”.Because of peng’s handsome, sunny appearance and strong muscles, he gradually became an adjective.Although it was a mistake, it also shows the phenomenon that more and more celebrities are supporting the epidemic prevention work offline or online, so one might think that Peng might be a volunteer.For more exciting content, follow jiangnan Entertainment