Double section welfare code, 3 limited return, yao clover special effects beauty cry, lucky list announced

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Wen │ Kerr said the game Original vaguely remember last year’s lunar New Year and valentine’s day apart one day, so after a fixed number of year skin went out of the limit skin, valentine’s day this year though valentine’s day and Spring Festival every 10 days, but is just very close, and the Lantern Festival every valentine’s day is the 14th, 15th is the Lantern Festival, so during that time, king glory would usher in a double benefits,In addition to the two new skins, there will be a skins encore, and there will probably be three skins encore, or at least one skin encore.Then speaking of the valentine’s day limited skin, yao’s valentine’s day limited has recently revealed the design draft, the style of the design draft is very beautiful, a bit of the charm of the swan dream.Then before the purchase of skin to get free activities recently also announced the winning list, there are a lot of players to get free opportunities, what is going on, let’s take a look.This year, valentine’s Day and Lantern Festival are only one day apart, so there will be double benefits, like a lot more skin for the encore.The most likely candidate for valentine’s Day is Xiang Yu’s Farewell My Concubine, as both have recently announced plans to optimize their skin, which would not be necessary if not for their return.There are xiaoqiao and Zhou Yu’s pure white flower marriage, may also have the opportunity to return, these two skin special effects beat special effects in the previous experience of what are out, this is also a sign of return.But these two series of Valentine’s Day skin encore can only be a lottery return.And the Lantern Festival return skin is most likely zhao Yun’s engine heart, this is the result of netizens speculate.Because the skin for the Lantern Festival encore is blue label limited epic skin, such as last year’s Frost Love Dance of Dry General Moxie, is a blue label limited skin.And now there is a return to the blue mark limited epic is not much, Zhao Yun is undoubtedly the most promising, and before the optimization of the appearance of animation.Yao’s Valentine’s Day skin was revealed earlier in the homepage, as shown on the left below, in a powder-blue, fairy-tale style.Recently, the design of this skin has also been revealed, as shown below on the right.As can be seen in the picture, yao’s skin is dressed in a pink dress with pink wings on its back and holds a staff in its right hand with the four-leaf clover logo on it.According to the blogger’s Revelations, the color of the special effects of this skin is pink, one skill is a four-leaf clover gem, star legend is the crown, two skills are three-dimensional graphics, three skills have met the deer egg, powder blue wings will stir up.Combined with the design draft and the previous Revelations of the home page dress up, the blogger broke the special effects of the content credibility is very high.Pink blue, four-leaf clover, crown and so on can be found in the design or home page of the logo, so unsurprisingly yao’s skin effects are such.The lucky winners will get the chance to draw a free ticket after they buy the year of the Tiger during the Spring Festival. Most players thought it was impossible to draw a free ticket for this activity, but the actual situation is that the probability of drawing a free ticket is relatively high.Recently, the official list of eligible users was released, and it can be seen that there are a lot of users to draw the full free order.There are a lot of users to draw 20%, 50% and other free, so we must buy skin to draw a prize.Kerr has said that it is unclear whether there will be a skin encore for Valentine’s Day, but if there is, she will definitely choose between Farewell my Concubine and Pure White Flower.Lantern Festival must have skin return, engine heart probability is the largest.Yao valentine’s Day limited skin effects and skin image should be shown above, it looks good, the quality should not be low.Purchase of skin free single activity must be purchased on the activity homepage, in the game to buy is not able to smoke, so did not buy players should pay attention to.