College students in the new area have developed an intelligent punch card system to build a cloud in their dormitories to fight COVID-19

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As a member of the daily life committee, Li Deyin, a computer science and technology major in the School of Big Data, Qingdao Huanghai University, bravely took on the epidemic prevention task of the class and took the trouble to do “reminder service” every day.As a student majoring in computer science, he studied hard, mastered professional knowledge and took the initiative to solve problems.In the fight against the epidemic, he used his computer skills to serve the daily work of the commissar and developed an intelligent punch card system to make the fight against the epidemic more efficient.As the class commissary in charge of daily life, Li Deyin reminds the students to punch in the health clock, remind them to be on duty, remind them to ventilation and disinfect the dormitory, remind them to fill in the three-check form of epidemic prevention and control every day, etc.In order to help students effectively epidemic prevention, reduce the repeatability and complexity of management, and prevent loopholes in epidemic prevention and control, the life committee with computer style decided to use their professional design of a set of “intelligent reminder” program.After sorting out his ideas, he used his spare time to sort out the student number, QQ number and other data of his classmates, and used his major to program. When encountering technical problems, he taught himself to conquer them.After more than a month of efforts, finally developed the first version of the “remind” program.With the encouragement of the instructor Yu Yunzhang, Li Deyin kept improving the program and added some “reminder” functions:Remind those who do not clock in, remind dormitory ventilation and disinfection, remind epidemic prevention daily three-check form to fill in, remind those on duty to clean the day, remind those on duty the next day.After the app was applied, Li deyin’s class was the first to realize the daily health punch and other communication with class groups.This heart-warming reminder function really makes students feel the temperature of epidemic prevention and control in our school.Teacher Yu Yunzhang immediately popularized the application in several other classes he managed, and gradually covered the school of big Data.This “smart alert” program realizes real-time information interconnection and efficient operation of the health and epidemic prevention system, and reduces the cost of using information technology for teachers and students.Acclaim with a stick to make contributions to fight “epidemic” bring to innovative entrepreneurship competition Li Deyin “this feature is so practical” “with this reminded me that I will never forget to clock out health” “Li Deyin classmate is a sunshine boy” “Li Deyin learning too good, professional course and general course, scores are among the best” “Li Deyin always silently pays,Once when we arranged examination rooms for the cet-4 and CET-6, he arranged the whole meeting place by himself in order not to delay the review of other students. “Students praised Li deyin for his generosity.When asked Li Deyin what feeling, he is a bit shy to say: “in the very period, each one’s hold is the biggest help for the outbreak, to see their design program to help get a lot of classmates, I feel a sense of accomplishment, I believe in everyone’s heart each other, interest makes toward one place, each contribute a bit more than the average person is, the outbreak of haze will be a day earlier.”Source | school of Qingdao yellow sea