Change the price of nearly ten thousand yuan, but zero run T03 is still worth recommending

2022-05-23 0 By

As oil prices rise, transport costs increase, more and more consumers begin to pay close attention to walking in the new energy vehicles, market demand also will increase, many fashionable appearance and rich connotation of high-quality goods minivans have sprung up, zero run T03 (parameter 丨 picture) is one of them, not long ago, the annual change version listed,After the subsidy, the price range is 689-84,900 yuan. Many consumers are surprised to see it. After all, the starting price of the old model is only 59,800 yuan.Zero run T03 is gone?Aesthetic appearance, and zero run T03 continue to use the old design, and generally minivans are main lovely style, even zero run T03 will be more fat bear some money, with closed type intake grille, collocation of two approximate elliptic head lamp, appear very jump, looks like the ear, on either side of the mini small clever feeling suddenly came up.The side of the body looks like it has a “compact and lean” feeling. The outline is round without edges and corners. Although there is no strong waist line, the rising waist line through the body can still create a good sense of movement.The rear of the car needs to be improved, the overall more flat, and cute style is not quite consistent.Interior into the car, zero run T03 interior is old, and exercise more fashionable element, such as the design of the color matching, design of circular arc form type air-conditioning outlet, the partition, build the car within the administrative levels sense, but all the high-end models 8 inches LCD instrument, screen resolution and clarity are generally, reflective processing does not reach the designated position,Daytime readings with strong light can have some effect.In addition, the security configuration is also the highlight of this upgrade, like the old model can only be seen in high-volume models of reversing image, ESC body stability control system, voice recognition control and other functions of the entry model are also equipped, in terms of intelligence and safety has a considerable improvement.Even if it is a minicar, space is still the focus of attention. At this point, it can only be said that the body size of T03 is in the mainstream level. The rear row is a two-seat layout, and the horizontal space is relatively generous, and two adults will not appear crowded.Power for a new energy vehicle, endurance is the most important point, zero-run T03 provides a total of 301km and 403km endurance, fully able to cope with the daily city commute, power also provides two versions, in addition to the entry-level model maximum power 55kW, maximum torque 155N·m, other models maximum power 80kW,Maximum torque 158N·m.Write in the last on the whole, as a top-of-the-line car price is less than 90000 yuan, zero run T03 advantage very much actually, this change also on security and configuration, upgrade power battery, although prices rose by nearly ten thousand yuan, but take a closer look at you will find, in addition to the introductory paragraph, other models in the range and power are unified, personally,The upgrades are well placed, and the price increases are likely to be linked to cuts in subsidies for renewable energy.