C position last!This is the number one hot plate in Nanjing in 2022

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Real estate scientists are too aggressive!Today, Longhu has 6 new products in one breath!In 2022, Nanjing’s “Dragon Lake concentration” is even higher!Among them, located in the heart of nanjing flower lake longhu Shunshan mansion project, it can be said that the debut of the king fried, has been targeted by a large number of citizens!NO. 1 | this outbreak of nanjing urban construction, emerging sectors such as textbooks acknowledge, is popular.River core, purple core, rain core…Numerous net red plate appear in succession, stir up the property market.At that moment, there are many voices…In Nanjing, there are many core areas, but only one urban axis!Unfortunately, in nanjing, the most high-quality lot, has been the lack of high-quality product supply, the flow of the property market, had to be transferred to the peripheral plate.Until the appearance of Longhu shunshan Mansion, the market woke up like a dream.This, just be nanjing lot of C!Urban axis and industrial spindle intersection, no problem of the super plate line!The history and culture of Nanjing along the Qinhuai River, along the Drum Tower, Xinjiekou, Confucius Temple, Huashen Lake and South Railway Station.This urban axis, which collects the municipal, commercial, commercial and humanistic essence resources, leads the development of Nanjing in urban space and functional order.It is the concentrated expression of the millennium cultural resources of Nanjing.It connects xinjiekou, Confucius Miao-Old men east and other business circles. This commercial axis has been iterating for many years.Even, nanjing’s earliest open to traffic of a batch of subway, line 1, line 2, line 3, and this axis are linked…At the same time, the new industry development axis composed of Hexi – Software Valley – university field rises strongly, forming a powerful high-tech industry cluster.Jiangsu’s largest financial center, east China’s software information industry leader, the future cultural industry center is emerging.The development ceiling of Nanjing high-tech industry will be defined by this development axis.To tell the truth, as long as two axes occupy a, can stand in Nanjing real estate pyramid tip.The only plate that can have the superimposed dividends of the urban axis and the industrial development axis at the same time is in Huashenhu lake.Fortunately, after years of waiting, longhu shunshan Mansion finally landed here, and the plate pattern of Nanjing was deeply shaken!In terms of location, Hua Shen Lake is safe in the position of the first line, not afraid of the west and south of the new city of any strong plate challenge!NO. | 2. In such a first-class section, longhu to show how the product, in order to live up to the land at the foot of the?We are not strangers to Longhu.In the past 8 years, Longhu has almost completed the business forms of ordinary residence, office building, apartment, foreign house, villa, comprehensive commercial and large urban complex, basically realizing the grand slam of product line landing.From high-rise buildings, villas, flat floors and houses to TOD and Tianjie, Longhu can always exceed expectations regardless of the breadth of business territory or the depth of plate exploration.Among them, has not changed, is longhu’s “stubborn” DNA.No matter how good the external resources, it will be living requirements, design style, natural environment is strongly compatible, so it has formed a core product reputation.In Jiangning, xiaolong Bay and built longhu Chunjiang Li Cheng, second-hand housing prices broke 50,000 / square meters, become jiangning core extremely dazzling existence.Nanjing Longhu · Chunjiang Li Cheng in the jiangbei core area, jiang and the city has become a topic of high degree of “god plate”, real scene better than renderings, which can not be said to be a kind of advanced Versailles!In the Drum Tower, in hexi, in the nucleus of the rain…Longhu’s works can always occupy the plate C, self-living appreciation double harvest.The question is, what kind of works does Longhu plan to use to match the “biaxial core” that draws attention from all over the world?Answer!Low density high quality house!Whether in the southwest of the River, or the university field, or the new Xuanwu, Gulou Riverside, in Nanjing’s first-line plate, foreign house products have long disappeared, replaced by the so-called “high-rise mansion”.In terms of living comfort, Longhu Shunshan Mansion is detached.Super first-line lot + low density houses, double scarcity decided this building even if what do not have to do, you can “lie to win”.But longhu did not relax, on the contrary, they came up with a high-end product series — Shunshan Mansion, built with a floor of about 140-240 square meters, to give back to Nanjing.In fact, there are only nine Sunsan mansions in the whole country.Each Shunshan mansion has achieved the quality benchmark of the major cities.In Chongqing, Chengdu, Shun Shan fu is landing that leap up red.This has also laid a solid foundation for the Nanjing project.Chongqing Longhu · Shunshan Mansion, large glass + aluminum line facade, drawing inspiration from Ferrari Virtus arc outline, with the color of Rolls-Royce Phantom Flying Goddess as the foundation of the building.The overall style is light and clear, with lines winding and flowing on the facade, metaphorical water and light.The garden line emphasizes the spiritual interaction with pedestrians and recreates the life style of going home and going on vacation.Longhu product force, firmly sit on the mansion “Iron throne”.Do you have such products in Nanjing?I haven’t seen it yet.In the current Nanjing market, fast selling has become the mainstream, but the market’s desire and pursuit of quality is increasingly strong.With chongqing Shunshan Mansion in front of the pearl jade, this Shunshan Mansion in Nanjing has instantly raised the buyers’ quality expectations. They must go to see it if they do not buy it.NO. 3 | three though luxury products don’t need to need the form a complete set, but longfor, shun hill house occupied resources too good, let a person cannot ignore!Nanjing Longhu · Shun Shan Fu location map soil is too good, nutrients within reach!① Transportation: Line 1 and Line 3 are surrounded by double tracks, close to daming Road station and Hua-temple station, 1 station to Nanjing South Station, 4 stations to Hexi and Confucius Temple, and 6 stations to Xinjiekou. It takes 15 minutes to reach the core area of the city by subway, and there are two main roads, Soft Street and Kazimen Street, which make it convenient to travel.Nanjing South Railway Station is close at hand, which is the largest transportation support for regional communication.② education: it is adjacent to yuhua foreign language primary school and yuhuatai middle school, which are TOP10 famous schools in nanjing.③ Ecology: wearing running shoes to lift your feet can be integrated into the green plant laid stack of secluded environment – Flower Lake, leisure time with children to visit science and technology museum, Yuhuatai scenic spot, the Qinhuai River is also easy to reach.④ Business: Shenda Himalayas, Madron, IKEA, Yuhua Living Room, Yiyue City, Shimao 52+, Chuqiao City…It’s so easy!That is to say, the resources occupied by Shunshan Mansion are top matched in the southern part of the city.And not far from the campus lights up, day and night, after the completion of the future, and will become a high-quality supporting shunshan Mansion.Occupy stock resources, embrace incremental resources, all the good, Shunshan mansion has!I have a strong premonition that Nanjing Longhu Shunshan Mansion is bound to become white moonlight for many people.Whether it is peers, or concerned about the longhu or regional buyers, has waited breathlessly.Here, get ready to open up the “yan” world!NO. 4 | than brothers city, nanjing, a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the evolution of the product, did not go well.Often appear the mismatch of resources, for example: the product of just need location + a person of extraordinary powers, first-class location + mediocre product, even if can have location and quality two big attributes, house price is also untenable.In Nanjing, location, product, housing price, is a group of impossible triangle.In particular, such as flower Shenhu super first-line lot, second-hand housing prices broke through 60,000 / square meters, at this time, suddenly appeared a quality plate, price and surprise, is bound to cause buyers of strong attention.It can be said that the biggest advantage of Shunshan mansion is that there is no short board.First-class location + high-end product sequence + top matching resources + low dense houses + upside down prices, all your imagination about the mansion, can get the answer in Shunshan Mansion.2022 Nanjing property market number one hot plate, is it!On February 19, longhu shunshan Mansion exhibition hall will be officially open to the public, welcome on-site consultation!The project sales office will also appear soon, how will longhu high-end series products be presented?Wait with bated breath!Longhu shunshan Mansion four city exhibition hall, looking forward to meeting you!1, Yuhua Living Room shopping mall – 1 floor 2, Hexi Tianjie First Floor atrium 3, Longwan Tianjie First floor near gate 2 4, Hongyue City Wal-Mart – 1 floor enquiry: 025-6996 7777