Wanga took 70 prisoners, removed their chains and let them roam freely, but none of them escaped

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Prisoners have always been a taboo, but there was one man who, with his compassion, treated the world equally all his life, and finally made his beautiful story immortal: Wang Jia.Wang Jia is the Hejian Zhangwu people, in the last years of the Emperor, he served as the State of Qi to join the army.Qizhou was the old name of Jinan in Shandong province in the Sui Dynasty, and the line of joining the army was a kind of official position appointed by various prefecments, such as the Royal palace, the rate of the government and the state palace, mainly involved in the military discussion and implementation of the imperial court, the official rank is zhengba product, is not big nor small officials.Wang Jia did not have any outstanding deeds at first, but he was kind and earnest. The local people who knew him thought him a good official.Wang Jia does not seek fame and wealth, but also does not flatter, so that he has not been taken seriously by superior officers, do some of the hard work is not pleasing.Of all the hard work, it was acknowledged in the camp that the most difficult task was carrying prisoners.Spring and autumn or short distance is ok, but in summer or winter, or long-distance transport, it is not to mention how bitter, heat and cold all the way, eat and sleep well, but also to be careful of prisoners escape or someone to rob prisoners, maybe even life danger.At the end of the reign, however, the sui emperor became increasingly tyrannical when he was killed in June in a rage after hearing general Quan Wu secretly complain about the severity of the law.There were not a few people who were subjected to such severe punishments, not to mention those condemned to exile, from minor officials to minor officials.This is bitter wang Jia these line army people.Once the imperial court ordered li Can and more than 70 people to be exiled, Wang Jia was ordered by the state government of Qi to send these more than 70 prisoners to the capital.As prisoners, they had to walk all the way to the capital.Wang jia and the prisoners went through mountains, lakes and mountain paths. The road was rough and bumpy. He was better off in his official clothes and shoes, but the prisoners were not so lucky.Dressed in coarse linen and straw sandals, the prisoners often walked for a day or two before the soles of their soles were worn out by stones on the road, and their bare feet would be scratched and bled if they were not careful.In addition, the prisoners were shackled to prevent them from escaping or attacking their captives.Shackles, as the name implies, are made up of two parts: the lock and the lock.The heads of the prisoners were made up of two pieces of wood, the longest of which was three or four meters long, and their hands were also locked at the same level as their heads.And their feet were joined with chains, and fastened with great locks.Their arms were sore and numb, their wrists were worn by the rough edges, and they were so heavy that their shoulders and necks were under great pressure.All the way down, not one of the more than 70 prisoners was complete. Everyone was shackled and miserable. There were more or less deep and shallow blood stains on their bodies, and there was no light on their faces.When wang jia and his party reached Xingyang, now Zhengzhou, Henan province, wang Jia looked at the prisoners with gray faces and felt a growing sense of compassion, so he made an unexpectedly bold decision.At a break he called the prisoners together and cleared his throat and said: “You are in this state because you have violated the law of the land. You deserve to be in chains because your reputation and education have been ruined by your deeds.But now that you have to walk to the capital, don’t you feel guilty that the long journey has made the soldiers who escorted you suffer?”Hearing this, all the people turned to look at the soldiers who were walking with them. After a period of time, they did lose weight. Some of them had blisters on their feet and limped a little.So they bowed their heads and apologized to the soldiers around them and Wang Jia, thinking that Wang Jia was going to punish them, perhaps even make them change into more cruel instruments of torture. They couldn’t help but sigh and feel angry.King looked at Li Can bowed his head, such as rhetoric earnestly, apology and said nothing, the atmosphere in an instant dropped to freezing point, he thought looked at these people don’t like the most poor fierce, since can realize his mistake in time, nature means they are good, why not give them a little more trust?Wang Jia pursed her lips and was silent for a long time. Then, as if making a decision, she laid her weapons on the ground and clapped her hands. After taking a deep breath, she spoke again: “Although you have broken the law and fatigued your soldiers, I have witnessed with my own eyes your hard work along the way.You haven’t bothered us too much. I’m sure you’re not all that bad, so I’d like to unshackle you and meet you in the capital within the time limit.This will not only save the soldiers from their hard work, but also save you from suffering. Can you do that?”For the first time in history, not only the prisoners but also the fellow soldiers were shocked.The soldier who had been friends with Wang Jia quickly took him aside and said sharply, “Do you know what you are doing?Apart from the fact that they are all prisoners who have broken the law, it is a great crime for you to unshackle them, and to allow them to enter the capital unguarded, even if one of them escapes your head!”On hearing this, Wang Jia smiled gently and calmly consoled him, “I have my reasons for doing this. First, the shackles are very heavy. Their exile has been miserable enough.In the second place, you see that we have all lost some weight these days. I have heard many murmurs. It is exhausting to walk such a long way, day and night, in such suspense;Third, the fact that the prisoners were sentenced to exile, rather than a more serious crime, suggests that they did not commit such a serious crime after all, perhaps just a slip of the foot, not as bad as we think;Besides, the sincerity of their apologies just now shows us that there is a shred of good faith in them that we can trust.”After finishing these words, Wang Jia saw that his friend was a little touched, and patted his back and continued to add: “Rest assured, one person works one person when, if there is any mistake above blame down, I am willing to bear, will not involve the brothers.”See wang Jia said the words to this, friends also have no more refute words to say, shook his head can only give up.But the prisoners did not believe at first when they heard that Wang jia was going to release their chains.Since they were sentenced to exile, their relatives have left them, not to mention the officials and soldiers they met, all of whom regard them as street rats who are despised and treated unfairly wherever they go. Their hearts seem to have become so full of holes that they have become extremely cold and have no hope for this world.So after listening to Wangjia, they still kept their heads down and did not move, thinking that this was just another joke at their expense.King of nature is to understand what they were thinking of, then he smiled, and speak loudly said: “I this is not a joke, but sincerely trust you will dare to name as guarantee, hope you can live up to my kind, arrived before the appointed time, if a person escape, then I will for you to death.”The prisoners blinked and looked at each other, but for a while no one made a sound, as though they were all digesting the good news.A few minutes later, I don’t know who shouted out: “Thank you for your kindness!””, the crowd suddenly boiling up, have spontaneously kneel down loudly thank Wang Jia’s kindness, cheers resounded the sky, some people even can’t help leaving tears, wet the front of the skirt.Wang Jia looked at the prisoners kneeling in front of him and said with a smile, “You don’t have to kneel down. You can feel the capital round on time, which is the greatest gratitude to me.”After hearing this, Li Can and others still refused to get up, but said in unison: “We will not break the agreement!”So Wang Jia kept his promise and really untied the chains of the prisoners, and then let the soldiers and prisoners dissolve together on the spot.In fact, Wang Jia made such a shocking and outrageous vulgar move in the heart can not help drumming, and the Sui Emperor attaches great importance to the law, especially harsh to the end of the emperor.Sometimes the Emperor would convict those officials who disagreed with him as “disobedient”, and then punish them. In his later years, the Emperor regarded punishment as an important method of governing his subordinates, and the intensity of punishment also followed his heart.At that time, the deeds of several executions of the Sui Emperor spread all over the streets, Wang Jia has also heard.One was Wang Yi, a prominent soldier in the war. Emperor Wen of sui not only did not put him in an important position, but also put him to death on the basis of other people’s nonsense that he intended to rebel.Two is open huang nine years sui Wendi listen to slanders put to death on the column yuan harmonic.Three is to open huang fifteen years, The Sui Emperor wen with “rebellion” charge given to die in Liangzhou director Wang Shiji.Even in a New Year’s day banquet, Emperor Wendi found that some military officers were not wearing their clothes or swords neatly, and the imperial officials did not impeach him for some reason, so he executed these imperial officials, and even the officials who tried to persuade them were also put to death.Even officials who were caught harvesting straw late, cleaning the yard improperly or receiving gifts were more or less doomed to death.By comparison, Wangjia’s deliberate release of prisoners was enough to make him lose several heads.Therefore, Wang Jia did not dare to speak out. After dismissing the escort team, he rode to the capital at full speed and stayed at the appointed place, waiting anxiously for the arrival of the prisoners every day.During the waiting period, because oneself also do not know li Can wait for a person in the end will not abide by the promise, Wang Jia often can not eat a meal, even sleep at night can dream that he was executed by the emperor, and even involved the family, wake up every night, often surprised to be drenched in sweat so that sleep clothes.Some were regretful that such a kind petty official could not escape death due to a prisoner. Some laughed at Wangjia’s foolish dream that he would pity others even when he was in trouble, and thus risked his own wealth and life because of useless benevolence.Little imagine wang Jia this kind act let him escort more than 70 prisoners cold heart to feel the warm sunshine in spring, let them feel that someone is willing to take life for their own guarantee, so what reason do they have to live up to the sincerity?After all, life might be better.With this in mind, none of the prisoners took any chances. On the contrary, they walked faster than when they were escorted, some in company, some alone, but at last they all arrived at the place agreed upon by the capital.As a result, the more than 70 prisoners arrived in the capital exactly as they had planned, even a lot of time earlier than the agreed date. This greatly moved Wang Jia and strengthened his belief in the goodness of human nature.Soon this thing was known by emperor Wen of Sui, he heard after TSK TSK, he originally thought that only in the means of severe punishment can have loyal ministers, but Wang Jia’s action let him know that trust and targeted sometimes will be more effective than punishment.The Emperor summoned Wang Jia and discussed with him for a long time the way to govern his subjects and the truth of compassion, which made great gains for the Emperor.Therefore, after discussing with Wang Jia, The Sui Emperor invited the exiled prisoners and their wives and children to a banquet in the palace to reward them and pardoned them. The prisoners were so grateful that they knelt down in the palace with their families to thank the emperor for his pardon.After this, emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty was deeply moved. With many ideas in mind, he wrote this imperial edits: “All living people know good and bad, and know right and wrong.If the people are governed with the utmost sincerity and guided wisely, the customs will surely be naturalized and the people will be reformed.Once upon a time, the world was divided and confused, morality died out, officials lacked kindness, and the people were crafty.I have been commanded by heaven to raise the people, expecting to follow the rules of the saints, and to educate the people with virtue. This is my intention.And Wang Jia knows my heart, sincerely proclaim.Li Shen and others were moved to wake up and rushed to the government.From this we can understand that the people of the world is not difficult to educate, but the officials do not express, so that they fall into sin, unable to reform.If all the officials were like Wang-Jia and all the people like Li Can, how far would the criminal law go?”Wang Jia was therefore promoted to yong ling, during the office he still does not forget the original intention, treat subordinates and the people under the same treatment, kind and generous, observation, basic do not use punishment, good reputation spread in all directions, by the people as a generation of good officer.And Li Shen et al also formed a friendship with Wang Jia, repentant, duty life, and never do illegal things.References: Evaluation of Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty;Social Science Front, no. 2, 1979.On the Gain and Loss of Yang Jian’s Political Affairs in The Sui Dynasty;Journal of Tangshan Normal University, 2021.01.Modern Education Press,2011.01