The construction of 5G “new infrastructure” in Henan is speeding up

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As an important engine for the development of digital economy, THE integration of 5G technology with big data, cloud computing, blockchain and artificial intelligence has brought broad space for the development of digital economy.In recent years, 5G “new infrastructure” construction in Henan has been accelerated and ushered in important development opportunities.According to the 14th Five-year Development Plan for Information and Communication Industry of Henan Province (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), by 2025, the province will build 200,000 5G base stations, 1.1 million 10G-PON and above ports, and become a demonstration province of 5G high-quality network and gigabit network.By 2025, the number of gigabit broadband users will reach 9 million, and the penetration rate of 5G users will reach 60 percent.”The Plan proposes to actively build an important national information and communication hub and information distribution center, further consolidate the new base of digital economy, comprehensively improve the ability of digital intelligence, and provide a new platform and new support for the construction of modern Henan.”Chang Jiang, director of the Information and Communication Development Department of the Provincial Communications Administration, explained that the “Planning” focuses on building a “strong network province” and “digital Henan”, anchors the “two guarantees” and implements the “ten strategies”.How to construct the new digital infrastructure system, digitalization of promoting economic and social transformation, the service support rural construction, enhance the management level of trade, build a network and data security barrier, the coordinated development of regional industry as a whole and so on six big task, puts forward some specific measures, to 26 14 key projects, has been clear about the five major categories, a total of 22 quantitative indicators.What are henan’s advantages in promoting 5G-based digital transformation?With a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation booming, digitalization has increasingly become the core driving force for economic and social development.As a province with a large population and economy, Henan has massive data resources, rich application scenarios and broad market demands.At the beginning of 2021, henan Provincial Party Committee and provincial government will “expand 5G network coverage” as a key livelihood practical matter.According to official data released by henan, the 5G network has achieved full coverage of towns and villages and rural hot spots. The total number of 5G base stations in Henan has reached 97,100, achieving full coverage of towns and rural hot spots, making the 5G network the fifth largest in China.The total number of 5G terminal users in The province has reached 31.84 million, ranking the third in China.It also means henan has a good base for new infrastructure.In 2020, the scale of Henan’s industrial Internet industry reached 190.4 billion yuan, ranking the fifth in the country.Digital core industries such as big data, cyber security, artificial intelligence, advanced computing, new displays and intelligent terminals are growing rapidly.The index of integrated it application and industrialization continued to rise, and the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry has entered a new stage of all-round progress from pilot and demonstration.It can be said that whether it is digital industrialization or industrial digitalization, Henan has shown an absolute advantage.At the same time, in terms of promoting digital governance, by the end of 2021, the number of real-name registered users of “Yushizhu” reached 60.59 million, and a total of 3,788 items were online.More than 60 “Yu Affairs Office” branch offices launched more than 2,727 items in total, exceeding the annual target task of “improving mobile government service capacity” related to people’s livelihood.The province has built an integrated online government service platform, an “Internet + Supervision” platform, and a government service network covering five levels of provinces, cities, counties, and villages, making it the first in China to provide integrated government services.(Henan Daily, File photo) “The future of the Internet of Everything is coming.”Henan Unicom company Party committee member, deputy general manager Wang Zhi told reporters that Henan Unicom in the field of 5G+ industrial Internet, with Gree, Haier, Sanquan and other industry leading enterprises to build a 5G industry virtual private network, based on the capacity of the private network to build 5G intelligent factory, promote intelligent upgrading of manufacturing.Luoyang industrial Internet comprehensive service platform (image: luoyang ministry) through the use of 5 g coking coal group qian industry cement 5 g + green unmanned mining projects to achieve the “zero emissions, zero downtime, zero casualties” three objectives, harvesters scheduling efficiency increased by 15%, raw materials extraction efficiency increased by 20%, based on workload by 50%.Through 5G transformation, Zhengzhou Gree Electric APPLIANCES 5G smart factory project product inspection accuracy has been improved to more than 99%, operation and maintenance costs have been reduced by 15%.Production line wiring cost reduced by more than 1 million yuan.Through 5 g can assign, sanmenxia avatar carbon factory project out of 5 g + wisdom have troubled environmental issues, and realize the environmental indicators data of online monitoring, the cumulative emissions of various kinds of pollutants, 223 tons of annual cost savings of more than 300 ten thousand yuan, the enterprise by the loss of 6 million yuan a year, profitability, profit of more than 1000, ten thousand yuan a year.In the education industry, mobile hand in zhengzhou, henan normal university to build the province’s first using ToC + ToB 5 g of double domain networking campus education private network, a mobile phone can access the campus network and network outside at the same time, to solve the secondary institutions of information carrier, data sharing, network resources cannot be exchanged to repeat investment (such as the difficulty provides a good demonstration effect.A batch of education demonstration projects built by Henan Unicom popularized 5G holographic synchronous live class and VR live class, alleviating the imbalance of education resources.In the medical field, a 5G pre-hospital first aid system has been built for zhengzhou Central Hospital and other hospitals to achieve seamless connection and effective utilization of first aid resources and greatly improve the level of medical informatization.In the field of smart cultural tourism, 5G smart scenic spots such as Longmen Grottoes in Luoyang and Jigong Mountain in Xinyang have been launched, improving the level of science and technology of scenic spots, enhancing the attraction of scenic spots, and driving tourist flow and secondary consumer demand in the post-epidemic period.As we go to press, we continue to strengthen the supervision of 5G service quality to practically improve user’s service perception by upgrading 5G network coverage capacity, aging age transformation, and increasing service supervision and inspection.Sun Li, a member of the party group of the provincial Communications Administration and a first-level inspector, said in an interview that the overall satisfaction of Henan Telecom users has remained at the “satisfactory” level for six consecutive years.