Review of the “Happy Learning thinking Trip” Primary School Chinese quality class competition in Yannan High-tech Zone of Yancheng Riyue Road Primary School

2022-05-22 0 By

Strangers bloom year after year yan, language contest classroom color.Spring breeze ten miles to get together, happy learning thinking line to the future!In order to further deepen the reform of primary school Chinese classroom teaching and promote the improvement of classroom quality and efficiency under the background of “double reduction”, the 2022 Yannan High-tech Zone Primary School Chinese Class Competition was held in Riyue Road Primary School in Yancheng city on March 24.The classroom, is carefully preset after the wonderful, is the warmth of teachers and students nourish each other.The eight participating teachers focused on “Music learning and Thinking”, explaining the real action of “teachers’ wisdom guiding children’s music learning and thinking” with class by class.The participating teachers dug deep into the text language elements, according to the teaching requirements of the year, combined with the children’s learning situation, accurately set the teaching objectives, carefully designed teaching guidance, and presented the happy learning class.Their solid basic skills and skilled teaching skills fully show the teaching style and professional quality of the elementary language people in Yannan High-tech Zone.The seven judges judged each class with a fair, just and open attitude.Water without China, phase swing is born ripples;Stone without fire, strike each other and send light.This competition class created an opportunity for participating teachers to show their style and surpass themselves, and built an interactive platform for teachers to learn from others and discuss and communicate.In this beautiful season of budeze in yangchun, when all things are shining, I believe that everyone in Yannan Elementary School will be able to run all the way, practice all the way, gather all the way, and fragrance all the way, striving to grow on the journey of pursuing the quality class of “happy learning, thinking and doing”.Edited by Huang Jialing