Online class, not the mobile phone to the child on the line!Come and get this online Course Cheat Prevention Guide.

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Recently many students class cheats on the Internet at home phones, tablets, also at the moment children out of their money and their parents’ money either be induced but some were tricked into transfer thaw account for thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan to cause the attention of the public security organ during the outbreak if your child is online class so you must be alert to the use of minors onlineClass hours can be a long time to use mobile phones, computers and other targeted implementation of fraud nationwide has been cheated many students!A 13-year-old girl saw a web popup saying that she could receive benefits if she added the main QQ to watch the live broadcast. The girl clicked the link.The other party sent a message to the girl, saying that she was a minor and participated in the activity with her mobile phone, which resulted in the freezing of 60,000 yuan in the background. The activity fund required the girl to take her parents’ mobile phone and cooperate with the staff to unfreeze it, otherwise she would report to the police, which would affect her schooling and employment.Immediately take parents’ mobile phones with the so-called “staff” operation defrost follow each other to download an App sharing meeting was cheated 40000 multivariate liar cunning use of the characteristics of minors fraud prevention consciousness is not strong design many kinds of scams to entice students transfer below are for the minors gullible way please polish eyes online education is not the phone, tablet, computer to children just a matter of minors must be on the Internet at home long care and guidance for parents to pay close attention to his words and deeds to mobile phones and related account information don’t let the safey minors free to use his own payment account found abnormal to immediately put a stop to ensure the safety of the capital account on the Internet and remind children of class vigilance, strengthen preventionPlease read this guide carefully and remember the following important points:Download the “national center for anti cheat” App and open call warning function in time learning to read “telecom network to prevent fraud propaganda handbook” in the first place on the national public security organs against telecom network fraud warning line 96110 calls immediately check in 12381 to dissuade SMS fraud warning system information in a timely manner to understand against fraud knowledge tightens against fraud fraud prevention this string sources:People’s Public Security Newspaper