Chaoyang District, Beijing: The construction of family care beds has entered a new stage

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Our reporter S miseth o Beijing chaoyang district is the fourth batch of home and community endowment service reform pilot areas, since 2020, for the implementation of the Beijing municipal government general office “about accelerating pension service development plan”, in the study and draw lessons from the rest of the country, on the basis of relevant experience, with the demand situation and the elderly,Chaoyang district to create a pilot as an opportunity to take the lead in put forward “institution endowment of family, family endowment standardization” idea, the construction of pilot 150 family endowment beds, set up a work conforms to the situation of dynamic mechanism and regulation of beds service system, for the disability, the elderly and families to provide optimal aging transformation, intelligent support, professional service,It is recognized by the elderly and welcomed by their families.In 2021, chaoyang district issued detailed rules for the implementation “old-age home care beds (try out)”, severe disability, the elderly family endowment beds construction and services into the normalized management, so far, has completed the construction of 1500 family endowment beds, and organize more than 82 two-star pension services for the elderly to provide various types of home endowment door-to-door service.”We will organize and provide services to the disabled elderly in accordance with their actual needs.””Said Fu Qingyuan, deputy director of chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau.Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau and operating units make full use of the first-mover advantage, stand on the development requirements of “the capital of Excellence”, and continue to optimize and improve the family pension bed service system.Everyone is a caregiver.Different from institutional care beds, family care beds are built in families and served in families, and are completely established on the basis of family care for the disabled elderly. The services provided by professional institutions can only lead and supplement.”Efforts to improve the care skills of family carers are key to achieving better care for disabled older people.”The relevant person in charge of the operation unit said.Therefore, Chaoyang District takes the training of family care personnel for the disabled elderly as the basic service of family beds. Operating institutions and professionals provide theoretical methods, practical skills and other training services regularly to improve the level of care personnel.Big data for everyone.During the construction and service of home care beds, a large number of health monitoring data of the elderly have been collected by the operation supervision platform.How to use these data well, better to provide health care for the elderly, the chaoyang district civil affairs bureau actively coordinate district health committee, the elderly and health monitoring data sharing pilot to the old district community health service institutions, community health service institutions will enjoy the old-age home care bed disability, the elderly in the family doctor signed category,It provides services such as health management, appointment referral and prescription issuance for the elderly, so that the elderly with home care beds can truly enjoy the combination of home medical and nursing services.Everyone contributes to the new cause of old-age care.Chaoyang district civil affairs bureau to comprehensive response to the disability elderly pension service demand that occupy the home, for the purpose of operating institutions entrusted to form a bed XiaoQin consultant team, household regularly collecting the elderly family endowment demand, supply and demand docking platform, organize and guide medical rehabilitation, auxiliary equipment and other related enterprises to join the docking platform, for there is demand of disability, the elderly and their families to provide related services,We will comprehensively promote the coordinated development of old-age services and industries.”Chaoyang District will firmly establish the people-oriented development concept, take the home-based community elderly care promotion action as a new opportunity, continue to steadily promote the construction of family elderly care beds, optimize management and improve services, continue to explore and solve the problem of disabled elderly care, contribute to the ‘Chaoyang experience’ for promoting family elderly care beds nationwide.”Mr Fu said.(Source: China Society, February 17, 2022) Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: