Next week kimen plate analysis, which is the track, low suction what varieties

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Every trading day of this week, the track plate is basically based on colored liquor and new energy vehicles and other plates. On Friday, the coal and steel plate makes up for the rise, and the previous track plate has adjusted.According to my background data, the analysis of each plate next week is as follows for your reference only.According to the results of sector analysis, whether fund or stock, we can be brave to do T to reduce costs and losses.1. Big financial sector and transportation sector.These three plates are in the same position, so it’s not clear.Next week, these three plates, starting from my technical analysis, this plate will play the main force to protect the plate.So short – term can bargain bottom, sell high.2, non-ferrous chip plate, this plate position is quite good, next week must have a big market.In particular, the gold plate, due to the influence of factors outside the weekend, gold prices may rise very well next week, so focus on rare earth and yellow gold plate.Chip plate, Friday’s decline is relatively large, but technically did not fall below the 5-day line, it is possible that Friday chip plate can become a leader, this is possible.3, photovoltaic plate, nuclear power wind power plate, this plate fell in the first place on Friday, but do not worry, next week’s new energy position is in an excellent state, is the first half of the stock market rebound leader.Because the photovoltaic plate many shareholders are trapped, so Monday must dare to buy dips, the probability of this plate is very large.4, coal plate, steel plate.Coal plate luck position in general, do not look empty do not do more.Have this plate chip can follow the Shanghai Composite index trend to decide short – term trading.Steel plate temporarily bearish.Medicine plate, continue to look long.The sector is largely locked in, and the best pattern is to buy low on Monday and sell high by Wednesday.This operation also has a high probability of success.Any quilt chips do not easily cut meat, a little t, will be able to greatly reduce the cost.6, agricultural plate, the position of the general, can be temporarily ignored, the trend may change with the index.7. Infrastructure and real estate sector, infrastructure sector still has market, but real estate luck is general, but it is also possible that real estate will be driven by big finance.Military industry plate, is currently doing a falling platform, the week will be suppressed next week.This plate to improve, next week must be volume surge through 5 average pressure.