How to promote lawn greening in spring?

2022-05-21 0 By

Winter spring, with the rise of temperature, the grass also gradually awaken from a dormant state, at this time for garden friends this period of time of maintenance and management is very important, if not only proper maintenance can make the grass green ahead of time, also can promote root growth, enhance the ability of drought resistance, disease resistance, restrain the growth of the lawn, improve the quality of lawn, the main root work around the following points:Watering green water: in the green lawn before the right amount of watering, can timely supplement water so as to avoid the death of the lawn water shortage, but also to promote the lawn root system, tillering germination, early green, prolong the green period of the lawn.When the average temperature of the day is stable at 2-5℃, you can pour water all over, “night freezing day elimination, watering just”.Irrigation to a small amount of appropriate, pay attention to pouring evenly through, avoid large water immersion.Punch and repression: after soil thaw, the lawn moderate punch can increase soil permeability and punching the best time in the early stage of the new grass root germination, general and sieved sand at the same time, in addition, the lawn soil after thawing, due to freezing and thawing alternation, loose soil will happen, so you need to suppress, to increase the compactness of soil and root system, promote the growth of root system.Application of green fertilizer: after green lawn, with the rise of temperature, the growth of lawn increasingly vigorous, nutrient demand gradually increased.Lawn can be combined with watering and topdressing organic fertilizer (qi forest cultivation field – organic and inorganic compound fertilizer), to achieve the purpose of strengthening roots, promoting growth, improving the lawn resistance to disease, resistance to stress, for the follow-up management to lay a good foundation.Remove the withered grass layer: in the lawn green before and after strengthening the removal of the withered grass layer, can use the lawn carding machine or lawn special rake to remove the withered grass layer, generally in late February to the middle of March to carry out this work.Weed control: With the green of the lawn, a large number of weeds also began to germinate, they take the lead to seize the growth space, threatening the growth of lawn grass.In this period, the weeds are mainly persistent broadleaf weeds and annual broad-leaved weeds. According to the principle of “removing early and removing small”, the earlier the weeds are controlled, the better. It is recommended to use qi circle elimination + yongqi for comprehensive control.