Flowers intoxicating visitors visiting Changchun in winter

2022-05-21 0 By

“Winter visit Changchun flowers drunk visitors” Ten miles northwest wind, to changchun children’s park Garufang Garden, is undoubtedly exciting and infatuated.Here is a beautiful garden full of fun, wandering in it, you will feel a kind of ancient and elegant, classic and carefree, and that kind of enduring romantic feelings.Stone, water, bamboo, ting screen, the famous flowers and fruit, zhengqidouyan, flowers, dizzying.Blooming flowers, smile to you!The blooming of flowers is mostly beautiful and short, and people always want to retain its most beautiful moment. With the help of the charm of light and shadow, the photographer uses the lens to make colorful flowers express their different understanding of life and nature, and send out the charm of magic, poetry and distance.Create a beautiful painting, full of creative colorful world!Bring people into the fantasyland, but quietly relaxed and happy!Winter visit changchun, flowers drunk visitors.