Looking for borrowers bank retail transformation not afraid of the cold

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The Spring Festival has just passed, loan agent Ding Yan has started work, every day to a large home in Shanghai city “squatting”.At 11 o ‘clock in the morning, there were only a few people wandering in the vast mall, leaving the whole city empty and deserted.When reporter of Shanghai securities news encounters Ding Yan, he is talking with a decorate client, see whether the other side has loan intention.He sold himself that he could borrow from several banks such as China Construction Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.”There has been a decline in lending since the second half of last year, but it should slowly recover from there.”He said.Ding Yan is one of the loan intermediaries active in various consumption scenes, and also the “tentacles” of bank consumer credit in recent years, walking in the “gray zone” between the bank and the market.The reporter understands from the bank retail wait for business line, this year consumer credit business is difficult to do, borrower is difficult to find.The change was reflected in the recent January credit data, which showed significant weakness in short-term lending and consumer credit disclosure in some regions.But banks are less worried and are ramping up retail lending, including credit cards, with smaller banks in particular saying they will expand retail lending further this year.Consumer credit difficult moment a customer in charge of the city said to reporters, peak period here a year about 500 or 600 sets of whole house decoration contract, low also have three or four hundred sets.About 10% – 20% of the decoration customers will use consumer loans.According to 10% of 300 sets, a single loan of 200,000 yuan, there is also 6 million yuan a year, the business volume is not low.Therefore, many banks cooperate with it, including such loan intermediary Ding Yan.The reporter understands, many banks have cooperation with this household city, competition is very intense, interest rate is lower and lower.At present, CCB has the lowest interest rate, 0.23% per month (2.76% per year), as well as subsidies.Bank of China offers a monthly interest rate of 0.26%, which can be spread over up to eight years.Decorate borrow, already actual consumption use, the amount is not low also, it is one of the financial scenes that bank consumption credit favors most.Since the second half of last year, however, business has struggled for the scene, and by January this year volumes had dropped further.This is a microcosm of the overall downturn in consumer credit since the start of the year.Data from the Central bank showed that short-term loans were only 100.6 billion yuan in January, 227.2 billion yuan less than a year earlier.In the financial data disclosed by first-tier cities, short-term loan data is also obviously weak — in January this year, the balance of consumer loans in short-term loans in Guangdong was 881.321 billion yuan, a significant decline in both year-on-year and sequential;In Shanghai, household loans increased by 20.9 billion yuan in January, with short-term loans decreasing by 2.8 billion yuan and medium – and long-term loans increasing by 23.6 billion yuan.March may start to improve The weak short-term lending data seen in January is expected to continue into March.The reason is not difficult to understand, mainly by the Spring Festival holiday and other seasonal factors.Take the decoration loan as an example, the person in charge said, mainly in the second half of last year, the real estate transaction volume is low, and January to catch up with the Spring Festival holiday no one decoration.But he is optimistic that the turnaround will begin in March and that business volumes should increase significantly in the second half of the year.”Decoration also has a strong seasonal, generally every year from March to May, June is the peak season.There is also a three-month lag between the transaction, transfer and renovation of a house.A branch president of a joint-stock bank in Shanghai said that January is approaching the Spring Festival, which is the time for companies to issue year-end bonuses. At this time, people should have plenty of money, and the demand for consumer loans is insufficient. It is not surprising that short-term credit figures are low.However, some bank retail related people said bluntly: “Consumer credit is difficult to do this year, but this is the main income of retail business.”The reporter learned that the main reasons for the difficulty lie in: first, consumer demand is still waiting for further recovery;Second, under the influence of regulatory policies, consumer credit channels have narrowed.Under the influence of the new rules on Internet loans and the policies of “breaking direct links” in the loan industry, many banks have tightened their cooperation with the loan aid platform, and many large and medium-sized banks have even suspended cooperation with the loan aid platform.Another person in the retail department of a stock bank believes that the constant improvement and tightening of regulatory policies are also forcing banks to squeeze out of the consumer credit bubble.When that bubble is deflated, consumer credit will fall.Regulators have repeatedly reminded consumers to establish a rational consumption concept, rational use of credit products, and be alert to the risks or traps hidden behind excessive lending marketing.Strategy focuses on penetration scenarios Although all the Shouting business is difficult to do, but did not prevent banks from expanding the layout of retail credit business.According to reporters’ interviews, the main business ideas of the bank this year are as follows: First, to find incremental retail credit business by penetrating various consumption scenarios or cooperating with third-party channels;The second is to dig the stock, the focus mainly falls on the credit card business, but also in-depth mining scene.It is reported that on consumer credit, the focus of the bank is the car loan and decoration loan.Especially car loan, because the new energy vehicle market continues to be hot, there is a large space for incremental, at the same time, the car loan business itself is relatively mature.Ding Yan said that at present, customers have a high recognition and acceptance of car loans, and 9 out of 10 car buyers may use installment loans. “4S shops will also guide car owners to installment loans, installment rates or commissions are an important source of income, and selling ‘naked cars’ does not make money.”The stock banker said that in the strict regulatory environment, the auto loan and decoration loan is also convenient for banks to monitor the use of consumer loans, to avoid compliance risks.While it is difficult to increase consumer credit, banks are also determined to boost demand for existing customers, especially credit cards, rather than using subsidies or issuing co-branded cards in the past.”We are considering weakening the number of cards issued and increasing the number of cards in circulation.”The head of a stock bank credit card told reporters that compared with the past pursuit of short-term scale, the logic now is mainly to meet the long-term needs of some customers, embedding financial services in various scenarios, such as catering or refueling.Compared with the past, banks now pursue the steady development of consumer credit business, and will carefully balance the scale and risk.”People are no longer obsessed with scale. Risk control is more important.”The stock bank said.