Gao Qian’s “long hair fluttering” arouses people’s heartstrings, fen Dou: God, this is the feeling of first love!

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Star cartoon and dragon cartoon is the peak of Aodong and LAN LAN, the animation of the curious bean students of various operations emerge in endlessly, bringing happiness at the same time, but also let us increase the knowledge, Gao Qian “long hair fluttering” exciting, curious bean: God, this is the feeling of first love!Let’s take a look at the comics and learn more about them.In the mind of many boys, the first girlfriend should be long hair, sending out the breath of youth.Gao Qian in the cartoon can be said to meet all boys fantasy, she not only looks gentle and sweet, but also a beautiful black hair, when the hair gently brushed the face of the bean, is so exciting, the bean stupefied leng in situ sighed “God, this is the feeling of first love!”Since this encounter, courageously beans will gao Qian as the only goddess in his mind, began to pursue perseverance, although encountered a lot of frustrations, but as long as he identifies the person, even if it is crushed to pieces also want to insist to the end.The author believes that fendou’s unremitting efforts are worthy of recognition and learning.If you also like # Startaqi comics, then long click “like” and follow me quickly.