China Eastern crash first seven sacrifices: no miracle, may rest in peace

2022-05-20 0 By March 27 (reporter Yuan Xiuyue)MU5735, unable to reach, did not wait for miracles.All aboard China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 have been killed, officials confirmed Sunday evening.132 lives cut short, mourned, mourned.”March 21, 2022″, please remember this black day in the history of China’s civil aviation.Over the past week, China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735 has gripped the hearts of many.From the search-and-rescue efforts and official information released over the past few days, it has been possible to piece together a rough outline of what happened.At 13:16 on March 21, China Eastern Flight MU5735 took off from Kunming, bound for Guangzhou.One hour and one minute later, the 6.8-year old Boeing 737-800 entered the Guangzhou control zone at a cruising altitude of 8,900 meters.Everything seemed normal.Three minutes later, the controller noticed that the plane was losing altitude sharply and called the crew several times, but received no reply.After 3 minutes, the aircraft radar signal disappeared, after verification, the plane crashed in a mountain pass in New Right South town New Right village in Wuzhou County, Guangxi.File photo taken on March 22, 2019 shows the crash site of China Eastern Airlines plane.The crash site is located in a valley with an elevation of 150 to 90 meters on both sides.Most of the wreckage is concentrated in a core area with a radius of about 30 meters around the main impact point, extending to depths of about 20 meters below the surface.Debris from the plane was scattered over a wider area.Zheng Xi, head of guangxi Fire and rescue Corps, said Thursday that search and rescue workers found a suspected plane debris in a farmland in Siwang Village Of Tengzhou Town, Tengxian County, about 10 kilometers away from the core site of the accident.The search area for the plane has been expanded to nearly 200,000 square meters, said Lao Gaojin, deputy mayor and public security chief of Wuzhou city in Guangxi On Sunday.More than 7,000 people, 200 vehicles, five helicopters and a batch of search and rescue equipment have been deployed in the search and rescue operation.The search has been made difficult by the huge area of debris, days of rain and difficult terrain.On The 26th, a large number of aircraft wreckage was dug up, sorted out, and continuously transported out.But the miracle that people waited for did not happen.File photo: More than 200 soldiers from guangxi Armed Police Force search and rescue forces in the core area of guangxi zhuang Autonomous Region on March 25, 2019.China news agency hair Jiang Huaipeng survey: the 3 minutes of sudden drop, what happened after all?Over the past few days, as the search progressed, the question of what happened to MU5735 when it plunged for three minutes became a big one.Li Chenbin, a guangxi mobile network technician who witnessed the accident, said: “Judging from the marks of the plane, it should have nosedived down the hill, hit a row of bamboo forest, and then slid down the mountain, about a hill.According to MAO Yanfeng, director of the Civil Aviation Accident Investigation Center, the weather on the route was seaworthy and there was no dangerous weather at the time of the crash.According to the air-ground communication records between the aircrew and the air traffic control unit, the aircrew and the air traffic control unit maintained normal communication from the takeoff of the aircraft in Kunming until the sudden descent of altitude on the route.China Eastern airlines also said that the crew did not hang out any emergency code.That is to say, from normal to plummeting, falling to the ground, the accident is unusual and sudden.Beijing university of aeronautics and astronautics aviation novak s CGTN interview, a professor in the school of science and engineering, from the plane in a short period of time, the basic vertical drop, there may be two situations, the first is the plane suddenly out of control, manipulation or malfunction, the driver wants to go to the control, but are powerless, is can’t change the flight attitude, is likely to appear this kind of circumstance.There is also a possibility that the aircraft may be affected by external forces in the air, causing damage to the structure of the aircraft body, which is usually said to be disintegrated in the air.There are different degrees of disintegration, not necessarily all broken into pieces, it may be that after the destruction of the large structure, the aircraft will also appear this rapid descent.A black box (cockpit voice recorder) was found and delivered by hand to a decoding lab in Beijing on Wednesday.The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) said Monday that it had located an emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) close to where the second black box was installed.It is hoped that finding the black box will bring the truth closer.On March 24, soldiers of guangxi Armed Police Corps continued to search for the second black box in the core area to help local personnel clean up the scene.In the crash, there is another group of people whose feelings and appeals are of great concern to the public: the families of the missing passengers.The first group of 10 relatives of passengers from the plane crash arrived in Wuzhou early Saturday morning.Within 24 hours, China Eastern contacted the families of all 123 passengers.As of 10 am Sunday, 375 family members of the missing passengers had been sent to the scene of the accident to offer condolences, and more than 500 family members had received psychological counseling.According to media reports, some relatives of missing passengers set up a simple memorial platform on a hillside near the search site on Wednesday, with some flowers and other things.Family members of passengers at the rescue site use clay POTS to bring home the dirt.File photo: Families of passengers use clay POTS to bring home the dirt from the site.”We give them some small utensils, clay POTS, and ask them to grab a handful of soil and bring it back. Because this is a kind of culture, I bring a piece of soil to bring back, so that he can have a connection with his family and a memorial.We lost, but I did not forget, I did not forget is forever together.””3·21” China Eastern airlines flight accident psychological rescue expert group leader Yin Ping said in an interview.Yin also called for respecting everyone’s right to privacy when focusing on accidents and not causing secondary harm to those involved.Zhang Xichao, a professor at the Psychology Department of Beijing Normal University, wrote that group cohesion and support are important for the mental health of victims in disaster events.It is touching that the community has taken various measures to help while expressing their grief.Thousands of people lit candles on social media on Saturday night to remember the dead and express their condolences.People will always remember that fateful day and remember the 132 lives lost.(End) (