Why do some Chinese people have doubts about TCM

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In my opinion, firstly, he does not understand TCM, and secondly, he has not found a good TCM to treat his disease.Third, I think there are still many people, especially in China, who are anti-TCM, or who believe that TCM is ineffective in curing diseases.So if people get the information through these aperture, some people will not trust TCM or have a suspicious attitude towards TCM.I always think that whether you believe in the TCM treatment or not.You don’t know until you try it.Because the method of traditional Chinese medicine is very simple, there are some methods, we can adjust at home.For example, moxibustion therapy in Traditional Chinese medicine is very simple.As long as you stick to it, it will work.Let me give you a simple example. I myself have a very severe h. pylori infection.While I take probiotics, I moxibustion Zhongwan, Tianshu and Zusanli every day, as long as I insist on moxibustion for 3~5 days.I’ll feel my stomach feel good.And bad breath will be much less.But if I do not do this aspect of moxibustion for a period of time, I am afraid that I will return to the disease before, so moxibustion needs to adhere to.As long as you stick with it, you’ll always find that our disease is getting better.Why do I simply take out traditional Chinese moxibustion?Just because it’s so simple.Someone asked Mr. Shan, what kind of moxibustion method do you take?Sometimes I use suspension moxibustion.In my own experience, I still think the method of suspension moxibustion is the best method. Generally, I use 6~8 cm thick moxa sticks.Such moxa sticks in the process of suspension moxibustion, its heat, radiation surface are very good.But the suspension of moxibustion will be very tired, so if you want to adhere to the use of moxibustion conditioning disease, be sure to buy a suspension moxibustion frame, so that it is very convenient to use.Sometimes when the weather is cold, we suspend moxibustion in a certain area.For example, suspension moxibustion Zhongwan point.You can’t simply expose zhongwan point, but other parts may also be exposed, so you will have a particularly cold feeling. In the process of doing moxibustion, heat preservation is very important.At this time, I will choose moxibustion box moxibustion.Cut a mugwort in two pieces.It is inserted into the six-needle moxibustion box and lit at both ends.Then cover it with a towel.This mugwort will burn for about 40 minutes.And this operation will not be particularly hot, as long as it is within the scope of your six-needle moxibustion box.You feel warm and you can move.I am using this method to do moxibustion for myself these days, one day I will moxibustion 2~3 groups.You may ask Mr. Shan, what is group 2~3?After this one stick burns, I reignite it with another, and this is called the second group operation.And so on, after I’ve done three sets, it’s about two hours.Why should I choose moxibustion box to moxibustion?It is because of his wide coverage, but he also has the function of suspension moxibustion.And want towel and bath towel to cover only you above, its coverage is wider.You will not feel too cold in the process of moxibustion.When we do moxibustion, heat preservation is also particularly important.So I think as long as you try some simple methods of TCM and get results, gradually you will believe some of the treatments of TCM.Some treatments of Traditional Chinese medicine may be more complicated to use and take a long time to recuperate, but as long as you stick to it, there will really be a good effect.