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Li Jianhui: Over the past 30 years, the organization has raised funds for education and construction with 3 million yuan leveraging nearly 20 million yuan to build 5 Hope schools to help tens of thousands of students.Li Jianhui is well known in the public welfare circles of Guangdong and even the whole country.She is the “National Public Welfare star” and has been awarded as positive Energy Advanced Figure for many times, “March eighth Red Flag Bearer” of Guangdong Province, “Outstanding Communist Party Member of Guangdong Province”, “Top ten Civil Affairs Cadres”. She has also been invited as an evaluation expert of social organizations by guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Department, and a visiting professor in more than ten primary and secondary schools and universities.She was also invited to attend the opening ceremony and ministerial meeting of the 63rd session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, and spoke at the “Parallel Forum”. She also received the “Outstanding Women Award” from the World Economic Organization and the International Organization for Information Development.Over the past 30 years, Li jianhui has focused on public welfare undertakings in the field of education. She established an education fund, which has benefited more than 10,000 students, and her office has been awarded as the national Advanced Unit by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.Li jianhui said that doing public welfare is to burn yourself and illuminate others.Over the past 30 years, Li jianhui has not only donated 3 million yuan for education, but also raised more than 20 million yuan from the private sector.She has donated 500,000 yuan in royalties alone.My parents planted the seed of helping others by their words and deeds, and went back home to visit the elderly for 20 years.Even though he is over 50 years old, li Jianhui has more power than a man in his 20s when it comes to public welfare.Warm-hearted elder sister “mentor”, “full of positive energy”, “warm-hearted philanthropist”…This is the most common comment on Li Jianhui. Under her inspiration, more and more relatives and friends around her have been involved in charity and public welfare undertakings.”Where there is life, there is public welfare.”Li jianhui said that helping others makes her happy, and she hopes to devote her life to charity and public welfare, and become a charity activist.”My interest in public welfare has a lot to do with my childhood.”Li jianhui said.In the 1960s and 1970s, Li Jianhui’s family was in poverty when she was a child. When the spring was not enough, her mother had to brave it and let her, as the eldest daughter, take a small bag to “borrow rice” from neighbors and relatives.At that time, her relatives and neighbors did not have much rice, but they still lent her a few jin.As a result, Li jianhui’s parents often warned his siblings, “If it weren’t for the rice lent to us by our neighbors and relatives, we would be starving.We must not forget poverty, but the help of kind neighbors and relatives.”Li jianhui said that her grandparents’ education and her parents’ words and deeds planted the seed of helping others in her heart.”Never forget the kindness of others.Her parents’ advice accompanied her growing up.After work, she went back to her hometown to visit and comfort her neighbors every year.Every year on the first day of the New Year, she leads her group to visit more than 30 elderly people in their hometown and presents nearly 20,000 yuan of New Year gifts.Recalling the activity of visiting the elderly during the Spring Festival, she has persisted for more than 20 years.In 2020, when COVID-19 hit, she read in a newspaper that the blood bank in Guangzhou was in an emergency.As a well-known public welfare figure in Guangdong, Li Jianhui and national moral model Zhao Guangjun jointly launched the “Donate blood, protect life” campaign with Jiangnan Middle Street.On the same day, the volunteers announced their blood donation proposal in a wechat group and released the news through the official wechat account of zhao Guangjun Life Hotline Association.”Li Jianhui and Zhao Guangjun will go to jiangnan middle Street to carry out public blood donation” news spread like wildfire, the next morning, to carry out public blood donation in Jiangnan Middle Street people lined up.On the spot, nearly 60 people followed her to donate blood. Seeing her busy and tired work, the staff suggested that she donate 200ml, but she insisted on donating 400ml.Li jianhui said that his deepest feeling in public welfare is that actions are always more effective than words.”Follow me” is not as good as one hundred “charge forward”.During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Li jianhui not only donated a batch of masks, disinfectant water and other epidemic prevention materials with 100,000 YUAN of her own money, but also mobilized entrepreneurs around her to donate a total of more than 10 million yuan to fight the epidemic.Around the start, some entrepreneurs still have some hesitation, think outbreak in hubei, far distance himself, donate a little “meaning”, Li Jianhui immediately said to the entrepreneur friends, although outbreaks occurred in hubei, but the public is without boundaries, hubei people need help, with guangzhou people need help, is no different.Give your heart away, no matter where it is, and it will shine.What’s more, if the epidemic is not controlled in Hubei, it may spread to Guangzhou, and everyone’s life will be affected.When the entrepreneurs around li jianhui heard this, they immediately donated 2 million yuan to support hubei’s fight against the epidemic.”Dr. Li jianhui radiates positive energy, so he can inspire and motivate a large number of people to follow her in the cause.””Said Zhao Guangjun, a national moral model.As a senior psychological consultant, li jianhui not only solicited donations from friends around him, but also gave psychological counseling to people around him through online live broadcasting as a volunteer against COVID-19.During the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, Li Jianhui made 3-4 public service live broadcasts to Zhao Guangjun Life Hotline every month, attracting more than 300,000 viewers each time.Li jianhui said that during the epidemic, people are at their most vulnerable and in need of emotional comfort and psychological counseling.She invited professional respiratory doctors, psychological consultants, etc., to answer everyone’s questions and teach everyone to regulate their emotions, and the response was very enthusiastic.Each live broadcast was watched by hundreds of thousands of people, the largest one was watched by more than 1 million people, and the repeat broadcast was watched by more than 5 million people.After the live broadcast, enthusiastic guangzhou citizens flooded the telephone of Zhao Guangjun life Hotline. Dr. Li insisted on live broadcasting in zhao Guangjun life Hotline for nearly 4 years in his spare time.In the past 30 years, Li Jianhui has devoted considerable energy to the public welfare field of education.Because she knows very well that the public service of education not only affects the children themselves, but also affects generations.In 1992, when she was a middle school English teacher in Meizhou, she began working as a “Lei Feng”, giving free remedial lessons to children in her class during summer vacations.In 2010, The Guangdong Excellence Charity Foundation approached Li jianhui, asking for personal donations of 600,000 yuan to support the renovation of a dilapidated primary school building in Liuhuang Town, Fengshun County, but the entire project needed 3 million yuan.Li jianhui found the secretary general of another local foundation and contacted the heads of local government departments several times.Li Jianhui personally drafted a proposal, called on the villagers to donate money actively, the benefit of mulberry.In the end, the village scoundsmen from Meizhou were very eager to donate, and she herself also launched a donation of hundreds of thousands of yuan, and finally raised a total of 3.8 million yuan for Jianhope Primary School.Finally, 3 million yuan will be used to build the school, and the remaining 800,000 yuan will be used as scholarships to reward students with excellent academic performance.So far, Li jianhui has raised donations to build five hope schools in Fengshun, Wuhua and Longchuan. She is also the honorary principal of these five schools. Every year, she returns at least 3-4 times to give lectures to students or award them scholarships.Li jianhui said that donating money to build school buildings for primary and secondary schools in mountainous areas of Guangdong was probably one of the most meaningful public welfare projects she had ever done.Many people know that Guangdong’s economy is developed, but they do not know that there are many places in Guangdong whose economy is very backward, and local children even have difficulties in going to school and buying textbooks.After her education funds were raised, within one and a half years, she also built three dormitory buildings for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in Fengshun, Wuhua and Longchuan of Meizhou. The initial fund of this project was 3 million yuan, and eventually it attracted donations of 20 million yuan from all walks of life.Today, more than 10,000 children have benefited from this education fund.During the preparation period of the school, Li Jianhui did not take a vacation for many years in a row, and even worked outside for the construction of hope Primary School during the Spring Festival.Every Saturday, Sunday and holiday, she often drives 500 kilometers from Guangzhou to Meizhou, Heyuan and other places on weekends to organize experts to teach, donate desks and chairs, and build basketball courts for more than a dozen schools.As long as she does charity work, Li Jianhui is full of energy. She can walk in a mountain village for a whole day. When she is hungry at noon, she can take instant noodles and mineral water as lunch.Over the past 20 years, Li jianhui’s philanthropic efforts in education have expanded to more than 10 provinces in China.In July 2020, he went to The hometown of Marshal Liu Bocheng in Kaizhou, Sichuan province to share more than 10 public lectures for teachers and students of more than 10 schools.In September 2021, Li jianhui went to Yanjin County, Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province to carry out public education activities.She brought more than 1,000 books to the local children, and gave many spiritual lectures to the children, and lectured to teachers and students of nearly ten schools.Li jianhui has always been concerned about the poor students.Over the past 30 years, Li jianhui has helped dozens of needy students with tuition and miscellaneous fees.When he gave a lecture in a primary school in Meizhou, Li jianhui found that the children liked reading very much. After class, he would sit on the floor with a book and read.She was very touched.Since then, she has donated money to build book corners in primary and secondary schools across the province.In the past 30 years, she has initiated donations to build nearly 600 book corners, donated more than 20,000 personal books and works, been employed by 10 schools honorary president, 5 university visiting professor, published 8 books, edited 15 books, and carried out more than 1000 activities of righteous teaching.We organized foreign teachers from more than 10 countries to carry out more than 50 charity lectures and free education activities in nearly 20 schools.Over the past 30 years, Li jianhui not only made personal donations to education, but also led the private donations of 20 million yuan.In guangzhou area middle school, elementary school and cognitive school, south province experimental school, seven 35, east nursery school, ShiBaZhong, jiangnan primary school foreign language school, soil China, tianfu road primary school, flower and so on dozens of schools of public just donate books say, tens of thousands of copies, and in the south of wu experiment elementary school, she donated valuable works of calligraphy and painting fifty picture, for the students to visit learning,And set up the Charity Pavilion.Li jianhui also extended the tentacles of public welfare to the community.For nearly 11 years, she has set up a public library in Guangzhou for free reading and use by residents and property management staff.Due to Li Jianhui’s outstanding influence in the area of public welfare education for children in the mountainous areas of Guangdong, now li Jianhui public welfare Exhibition hall has been specially built in The Hushan Middle School of Meizhou, in recognition of her outstanding contribution to the education of children in the mountainous areas of Guangdong.Li jianhui is a government civil servant who served as deputy director of the Disaster relief Materials Reserve Center of Guangdong Province and vice chairman of the Women’s Working Committee of Guangdong Social Organizations.Li Jianhui has very high visibility in the public welfare, won the “national public welfare star positive energy advanced figures in guangdong, the female worker of guangdong province, the outstanding communist party member, top ten civilian cadres,” academic prize at one hundred “award, by the department of guangdong province also employ for social organization assessment evaluation experts, who is more than ten middle schools and primary schools, a visiting professor at the university.While doing public welfare work, Li Jianhui kept on writing.She has written a number of important and hard works in the field of social organizations, including The Reform of Government Administration System and the Development of Social Organizations in Guangdong Province and the Practice and Perception of Social Organizations.She has been researching social organizations for more than 20 years.During her work in the Department of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, she was responsible for the compilation of four laws and regulations, which have been used in 21 cities and more than 150 districts and counties in Guangdong Province.Li jianhui suddenly became famous in the industry.As early as 2006, she was transferred to the Civil Affairs Department of Guangdong Province.Since then, she has been compiling policies and regulations on social organizations in Guangdong.At that time, social organizations flourished.Social organization of tianhe district in guangzhou at that time, there are 260 units, such as kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, private schools, all within the scope of management, in order to let the social organization management rules can depend on, Li Jianhui forget all about eating and sleeping, after two years of use from work, go to the library to find information, to find relevant departments to understand the relevant policy.After two years of struggle, we finally got something.In the past 30 years, Li has rarely eaten dinner on time because she has to work for public welfare during off-hours. She usually doesn’t eat dinner until 9 p.m.She often takes her son with her to do charity work, and as time goes by, her son is also affected.Li jianhui’s son chi Bingbing joked to reporters that if his mother had a steamed bread in her hand, even if she was hungry, she would not think of herself or her family first, but someone around her who needed the steamed bread more.In my mother’s mind, there is nothing she cannot give away if she can help others.Body donation is taboo in many people’s minds, but Li jianhui registered her body as early as six years ago. She decided to take the lead in organ donation after hearing that Guangdong was lagging behind in the number of organ transplants and body transplants.Led by her, many friends around also signed a body donation petition.Nowadays, the official transplant registration rate of Guangdong organ has ranked first in China.Li jianhui said that to do public welfare is to “burn yourself and contribute to others”, and she has decided to devote her life to public welfare.”That’s what I tell my son.In our lives, the first thing you want to think about is how you live?I say to live like a piece of wood, always to give light, heat, illuminate others, burn yourself, illuminate others.Even if the charcoal is left at the end of the fire, you can also play hot pot, do not waste the charcoal.Charcoal hot pot will eventually leave ash, and finally the ash can be picked up and scattered into the field to make the field more fertile.In this way, one will have no regrets in life, even if one makes the best of his talents.”Li jianhui said that helping others is the happiest thing for him. “Giving roses to others leaves a lingering fragrance in his hand”, which is the biggest experience of doing good deeds in the past 30 years, and he will continue to do it in the future.(By Xiao Huanhuan)