The Anxi County Branch of POSTAL Savings Bank held a meeting on epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-19 0 By

This article is transferred from: recently the epidemic situation is severe, Postal Savings Bank anxi County Branch held a teleconference on the epidemic prevention and control work of all staff on the evening of March 21.The meeting made arrangements for epidemic prevention and control in sub-branches: First, great attention must be paid to it.All the staff should be on the alert for epidemic prevention and control, especially the field staff and volunteers should take strict personal protection to prevent imported risks. The sub-branches should give priority to high-quality epidemic prevention materials.Second, it must be carried out to the letter.To do a good job of personal protection, less go out do not gather;Actively participate in nucleic acid testing, do a good job of one person one card file, with dynamic monitoring and prevention information;Third, we must strictly implement network control item by item.Network personnel should perform their respective duties, lobby, security must implement three-code joint inspection, temperature measurement work;Employees should wear masks and keep a safe distance of at least one meter during the whole business process, and the person in charge of the outlets should supervise the implementation of prevention and control work.Four is to strengthen the canteen management, the use of separate meals, staff wrong peak packaging, do a good job in the canteen tableware and place disinfection;Fifth, we need to balance epidemic prevention and control with financial services.More online products and contactless financial services should be provided to ensure orderly development of financial services.(Li Qingping)