Take a complete free, but there are a lot of people rush to do, “rookie station” after all how profit?

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With the popularity of the Internet, it can be said that almost everyone has begun to use online shopping.And that for both today’s young people and older people, is a very popular way of shopping, don’t have to go out, after all, will be able to choose what you want items, prices are more affordable, can also has a lot of choice, also can directly sent to the village station, only need to take, can say it’s very convenient and quick.▲ Express station online shopping for people who do not like shopping malls and social fear, this is a very good choice.By last year, China’s online sales had reached 13 trillion yuan.It also shows the huge purchasing power of the people.And how fast our Internet is growing.In fact, in the past, we might have to go to a special express station to pick up the express, and we had to go where we bought and sold the express, which had to make many people remember the location of each express point.In fact, it is more troublesome, but at that time, a lot of express delivery is door-to-door, but because the amount of express delivery is more and more, the service root can not catch up with the express station to receive a large number of express, especially in the peak period, the whole express station can be said to be full of boxes.That’s why most express delivery stations now pick up the goods by themselves, which is the so-called Rookie Courier stations.As we all know, Cainiao Courier station can be said to be a place for storing express for free.Now more and more people are willing to join the industry, but people feel novice post seems to have no profit, to the goods stored in first, and then to help every customer found in many express own the Courier, can be said to be relatively hard, especially to the holidays, because delivery quantity is really too much, you also need to hire temporary workers.So how do they make money?▲ First of all, we need to know that cainiao Courier station is suitable for many express companies to cooperate, that is, there are warehousing fees.The more packages, the higher the cost.One set of the process is down, the consumer shopping from businesses, merchants and express company cooperation and give the express fee, Courier companies to take novice post fee, that is to say, novice station is not free, but in general a person does not like to take charge, and merchants to send express the amount is larger, Courier fee will be cheaper.Take a very simple example, that is, the cost of mail can be said to be generally around 8-12 yuan, but the cost of express delivery does start from 1-2 yuan.Rookie stations also include delivery services, and while they only charge a fraction of the delivery fee, it adds up.▲ Cainiao third-party platform to provide more than these fees, Taobao platform will also give caibird station corresponding subsidies, you see the door to pick up, taobao in order to provide better service to customers.We are generally in the mail, may see more than a TWO-DIMENSIONAL code, and what sweep the two-dimensional code to get a red envelope, which is generally the cooperation with alipay.Actually this also makes clear, pay treasure and cainiao Courier station also have cooperative relation.Including you may also see that there are some credit merchants advertising in the rookie station, which is also the need to give the rookie station money.You should have seen their packages on the small advertisement, transfer this, driving school these, may be a lot of walls will have a variety of advertisements, because the express station every day to a lot of people, it takes time to pick up, so this is also a very good promotion platform for major businesses.That is to say, caibird seems to provide consumers with free services, but in fact they have many ways to make money.