Is permanence the same?”The living have no land and the dead have.”

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# 1 # to agriculture, rural areas and farmers of high quality creative contest in the fourth quarter, the contracted management of land unchanged for a long time is the party and the state formulates basic management system of rural land, must be the same for a long time, and always adhere to the land system has always been the core of the Chinese revolution and socialist modernization construction key problems, the land problem is the essence of the problem of the relationship between the land and farmers, is also a relationship between urban and rural areas,It is also a problem of industrial and agricultural relations.From 1949 to 1978, China’s rural society achieved great achievements in agricultural economic development from the initial stage of the founding of the People’s Republic of China to the great destruction of rural economy, all of which are related to the proper arrangement of land system and the correct handling of the relationship between farmers and land.In the early years of the liberation of The People’s Republic of China, by “beating up the local tyrants and dividing up the land” and applying different proportional tax rates, the enthusiasm of the poor and middle peasants for labor and production was greatly aroused. The peasants changed their history of being exploited, oppressed and enslaved for thousands of years and became masters of their own land and their enthusiasm for production was greatly aroused.Rural relations of production have been greatly liberated and rural social productivity has been greatly improved.Which began in 1953, farmers in the cooperative movement can not correctly grasp the actual development of Chinese rural productivity, artificially high rural relations of production, by senior elementary cooperatives, cooperatives, and the people’s commune system, the originally belong to farmers individually-owned land, means of production into the “team, on the basis of the three levels of all” “recognized” mode of production.Due to the lack of a close combination of organically built land output and labor time, the people’s commune system destroys the development of productive forces, resulting in the phenomenon of “not working out” and “wasting time on work”, which greatly affects the production and supply of agricultural products including grain.The reform of the household contract responsibility system in 1978 and the separation of land ownership and land-use rights greatly aroused the enthusiasm of farmers in labor and production. Farmers “pay enough to the state, keep enough to collectives, and keep the rest for themselves”.The reform of the rural land system, which is mainly characterized by household contract management, has greatly promoted the development of rural social productive forces. In just a few years, China has made remarkable achievements in agricultural production, feeding 22 percent of the world’s population with about 7 percent of the world’s land.However, with the rapid development of urbanization, a large number of rural population has moved to cities and towns.This creates a separation between man and earth;At the same time, the aging of rural areas has been particularly severe due to the migration of young people to urban areas, raising concerns about who will farm the land over the next two decades.In this background, the party and the country continue to increase the intensity of the rural land system reform, requiring separate from, the right to the contracted management of land use and management, farmers can be contracted land to farm, but can be by lease, transfer, subcontract, swaps, etc, it was adapted to the new rural operators to appear a lot of demand for land;It also solves the protection and realization of land property right after the separation of man and land.However, no matter how the reform, the Party and the state have always stressed the permanent requirements of land contract management, the report of the 19th National Congress of the Party also proposed that after the second round of land contract expires, it will be extended for another 30 years.So, land contract for a long time changeless, can not change a bit?Will it result in “the living have no land, the dead have land”?2, unchanged for a long time is not static, in the original contract expires, can be in insisting on the guidelines and policies of big, practice the “great stability, minor adjustment” as a matter of fact, the land contract law of the land contract period adjustment made specific provision, during the contract period, by reason of natural disasters for the contractor to adjust land,It must obtain the consent of at least two-thirds of the members of the villagers’ assembly or at least two-thirds of the villagers’ representatives of the collective economic organizations, and be submitted to the competent departments of agriculture, rural areas, forestry and grassland of the township (town) people’s governments and the people’s governments at the county level for approval.In other words, land can be transferred during the contract period and at the end of the contract. Moreover, the law also stipulates the sources of land transfer: motor land, newly reclaimed land, voluntarily returned land, etc.Moreover, land contract management is based on the household as a unit, household contract management, household contract management, household contract management is this.Take a family of three as an example, during the contract period, it is “to increase the number of people does not increase the land, reduce the number of people does not reduce the land”, if the family dies, the collective economic organization is to take back the land contract again;And when the old couple dies, the son or daughter-in-law can continue to contract the operation, and so on.Theory does not exist without land, therefore, to exist, only more and more people less likely people less, for this case, the state law is to fill the hole, specified in the regulations on the protection of basic farmland, units and individuals are prohibited to abandoned QiGeng or barren of basic farmland, units or individuals that have contracted basic farmland 2 years in a row QiGeng pastureland,The original contractor shall terminate the contract and take back the basic farmland.It is not difficult to see that if there is no land, it is not the national laws or policies, but not in accordance with the implementation of the relevant provisions of the national policy, resulting in some places “the living do not have land and the dead have land” phenomenon.Contract management is the basic management system of rural land in Our country, which must be permanent. Permanent management is determined by the characteristics of agriculture. It can protect farmers’ land property rights and let them go to town with their property rights