If only Chen Turin’s acting ability could be directly proportional to her appearance

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Recently, Xiao Chu often sees Chen Turin in the list of dull actresses.As the beauty of the yan fan, in addition to a little bit of regret, still want to bad joke: if Only Chen Turin’s acting, can also like appearance “spirit” good.This is not empty words, after all, Chen Turin’s appearance level but the recognized shuilingke ah!If her acting skills were proportional to her appearance, Chen’s career would be even brighter, and we would expect even more from beauty.At least as high as we expected of her!So, today we are going to talk about the beauty of Chen Turin, and why we have such expectations for her acting as if her appearance is of the same level!It’s really hard for a person to have a smooth face.Chen Turin’s face not only has a suitable shape of flesh and skin, but also has no interference of redundant lines. The whole person’s appearance looks very clean and elegant, perfect and smooth.Such looks are prized even in the entertainment industry, which is the first and crucial point.It is also because it is rare that we say it would be great if her acting could reach this level.Fluent face model doomed her no matter be long hair or short hair, no matter be neat bang or in cent, it is gorgeous Hong Kong wind costume or be faint first love makeup look, on her face is so decently beautiful, clever is dye-in-the wood.There is no doubt that Chen Turin has good facial features as a support under her smooth appearance, which at first glance will give people a fresh feeling of beauty.Especially the early Chen Turin skin is very outstanding, facial features are clever and beautiful, reiki almost overflow the screen.Basically dynamic and static she maintained relatively considerable pure and fresh feeling, if not the acting on the lens is too weak, her beauty can be in qing pure department beauty on the number.And she’s one of those rare beauties who can still pull off a lot of makeup with her pure looks.Because her facial features although temperament is very delicate, but the size is not too small, can withstand the embellishment of thick colorful colors, and her own skin is clean, so foil thick makeup appears expensive instead.It can be said that her looks complement each other with all kinds of delicate costumes, and also complement each other with fresh and natural costumes. In short, we can understand that it is not incompatible with any costumes to achieve a natural beauty.Even female stars will want to be easy to be beautiful, and Xiao Choo thinks that Chen Turin probably achieved the task of “easy to be beautiful”.Therefore, sometimes when the spirit of appearance reaches the level of excellence, the spirit of acting will be weakened.So we really hope That Chen Turin can concentrate on honing his acting skills and make himself better.Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a complete waste of this beautiful face that can play a pure campus heroine and also handle urban retro themes?We hope that in the future we can see Chen Turin’s appearance through acting to achieve another upgrade!I hope her reiki gets stronger, not weaker!Here is Choo Fashion, a correct and effective way to share clothing and skin care, beauty appreciation we media account;Welcome to follow and correct all your misconceptions on the way to beauty.Statement: this article choo fashion original, figure source network, if there is infringement, please contact delete, thank you.